On the holistic childbearing front, my weapon of choice is no longer a microphone, instrument, or video camera, but a skillfully woven cotton textile.  After birth, many women are expected to immediately...

Self-Womb Massage Course!


Our last few self-womb massage classes consisted of women from many different professional, cultural, and demographic backgrounds. A few women drove hours back and forth every weekend to learn the art of self-womb massage. During our last class, held in Long Beach, CA, one of our participants got a flat tire in the mountains, spending the afternoon in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, our group of courageous women delved deeper into our womb massage practice. Not cool, man.
There should be a No Womb Left Behind Act for folks willing to commute long distances. With that in mind, I condensed all of our material, activities and information into one intensive weekend. 
We will learn the physiologic and energetic functions of the uterus, and the cultural significance she has throughout our life cycles.
You will be able to locate her, determine whether or not she is positioned well, what reproductive organs feel like when they are healthy, taxed, bloated, or inflamed.  You will learn how a womb's size and consistency change throughout our life and menstrual cycles, and how to use womb massage and adjustments to facilitate connection to your ancestral lineage, femininity, and core well being.
Indigemama: Ancestral Healing is offering TWO special gifts to the next TWO women who sign up for our intensive using THIS LINK!  I wanted to keep them a super-secret, but it's so cool: An organic, hand-blended womb massage oil, and a wild-crafted vaginal steam bath blend to take home, with instructions. Isn't that mmm... yummy for your sexy tummy?
Please share this article with folks interested in self-womb massage- especially your familia.   
Can't make the Immersion Self-Womb Massage Course?
Pues, pa' la otra.
In the meantime... Practice this:

Womb Massage Warm-Up
After grounding, take a deep breath, warm oil between your hands and rub your womb softly, in a clockwise position.
Oil your entire womb area, from below your navel, to underneath the hip bones, and above the pubic bone.
Apply more pressure, placing one hand on the other, to get in about two inches deep.
Continue this rounded motion.
Do this at least 5-10 times to warm up the womb area.

Practice this every day, or several times daily, if you experience cramping and bloating.  Your partner can practice this technique on you, and vice versa. Have fun.

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Begin Womb Massage Today!

Use this especially when feeling bloated, congested, swollen or crampy in your womb space. Many clients have remarked that this simple massage technique improves sleep, digestion, and enhances sexual energy. Use the picture above for visual cues to hand positioning. Enjoy!

The Abdominal Spiral


The Abdominal Spiral moves lymph, reduces inflammation, increases circulation, helps activate the womb, and fosters self/womb communication and connection.

The Abdominal Spiral is gentle enough to use daily.

  1. Using your entire palm and fingers, place your oiled hand underneath your right rib & from right to left. Outline your abdominal area (Just under your ribs, diaphragm, & just above your hip bones & pubic bone) Start with wide, gentle clockwise strokes.

  1. Gently and slowly work your way in, toward your center, until spiraling smoothly around the belly button.You may circle two or three times, or until you feel the need to move on. Do not rush, take time to relax your shoulders and find your rhythm.

  1. As you practice the Abdominal Spiral, feel for any masses, lumps, tenderness, numbness, energetic changes or tension.

  1. Release them with each stroke & awaken creative, nurturing, sensual & sexual energy.

  1. Imagine your womb connected to Earth's womb, her core and allow her take your filth- all that is not yours. All that does not serve you.

  1. Place one hand on top of the other, and in the same place where you started, make tiny, deep spirals. Go as deep as you can comfortably, in a clockwise motion.

  1. From right to left, continue the sequence, all around, from right to left.

  1. Once you have circled all around your belly button, as in Step 2, stretch your hands, shake them off.

  1. Place both hands on your womb and take in the moment from all directions in the universe, with no judgement, opinion, or sentiment. Neutrally be one with your womb.

  1. Inhale, make your belly big with air, hold it at the top. Breathe in more air, and release your entire cleansing breath.

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About me:

Panquetzani first learned Mesoamerican healing modalities as a four year old girl, through role playing games and stories. Tucked away in her abuelitas bed, after their ritual herbal tea, Panquetzani listened to her grandmother's stories of curanderismo, miracles, tragedies and transcendence.  Her most vivid memories of her abuelo include him practicing Mexican folk-healing sobadas, like la empachada on her and other family members in need of digestive support. She has been practicing womb massage since 2008, having the honor of massaging the wombs of hundreds of women in different stages of their life cycle.
Panquetzani believes in professional intuition, gentle guidance, and matching her clients' energy, to ensure the process of womb massage is comfortable physically and emotionally.  She continues to learn more about this ancient art with each abdominal stroke and is grateful to have been born at such a vital time in it's history. With Indigemama: Ancestral Healing, Panquetzani hopes to inspire women to move their wombs, connect, and hold them in their core with grace and ease. 

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