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BDA trip to Mount Logonot October 2015
BDA school trip to Mount Logonot October 2015

Apologies that it’s been a while since we were last in touch but we’ve been busy and have lots of exciting and positive news to share.
Here are some of things we cover:

Simon and Nicky's trip      

Simon and Nicky visited BDA back in 2015. It goes without saying that we keep in close contact with the school and scholars, but it’s great to visit and see things first hand, catch up with the staff and get to know the scholars even more. Simon and Nicky had a wonderful time and even got to take part in the Awards ceremony and were guests of honour.
And we were lucky enough to have a follow up article in Derbyshire’s Reflections magazine summarising the trip.

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Sponsorship report - Building great relationships

Thanks to your support, we now have 65 scholars in total now – 32 girls, 33 boys across primary, secondary and a few in universities.
We’re also excited to say that we were contacted by a primary school doing great work in Nairobi, the Emmaus educational centre and after some investigations by the team at BDA, we’ve agreed to take on one of their students as a scholar through the KES charity. 

Lovenah was brought up in the slums of Nairobi and has been educated thanks to the support of well wishers. Her parents earn a basic living through casual jobs which are hard to come by. She’s a talented and dedicated student and very much looking forward to continuing her education at BDA.
We also have great news about three scholars finishing and getting University places, starting in September for 4 years;
Simon and Anthony
Anthony (above with Simon) – sponsored by Matlock Rotary for his 4 years of secondary schooling. He scored a B- in the Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Examinations.
Nahashon (left, below with Nicky) got a B+.
Martin (right, below with Nicky) got a B.
L-R Nahashon, Nicky and Martin
Congratulations to them all and we wish them the best of luck.

A new era for Joseph and BDA

Joseph, the man who set up our support school BDA and the original inspiration for the KES charity, as he was sponsored by Simon over 30 years ago, has begun an exciting new phase. He’s retired from his ‘day job’ and has decided to focus 100% on the success of BDA. He has always had ambitious plans for the school, and now feels that he can really help those plans become reality.
As the school is becoming more successful and popular, there are plans to expand to meet demand, giving more opportunities to bright and underprivileged kids. With this expansion comes more complex considerations such as developing an infirmary on site to help care for the increasing number of boarders.
With the planned school expansion, the role of KES becomes more important. More scholarships are required and there will be more opportunities for the provision of equipment and resources to help KES scholars and the wider school. So we’re upping our efforts to find more supporters, and would love your help to champion our cause to new contacts. There are a few ways you can help with fundraising and hosting talks detailed below.

University bursaries

As some of our older scholars are coming to their end of their school careers and moving into university education, we have discovered that things aren’t quite as straightforward as we initially thought with funding. All university education is government funded in Kenya, however students receive a loan. The system is a little complicated, so students start their university term in September but unfortunately the government loan isn’t paid until at least December. As we’re supporting students from the poorest backgrounds they often cannot fund the three month period and are at risk of dropping out entirely, or neglecting their studies by taking up part-time work to fund things. Because of this, KES are working with BDA to provide bursaries to cover the shortfall. The bursaries will be funded from general charity funds instead of specific scholarship monies and will require a short duty of care application to ensure the best use of the funds.
This means that there are more ways to support KES even if people can’t commit to the ongoing financial support for scholarships. Long-term scholarships will still remain the focus for KES as these make the biggest impact and offer the greatest stability for scholars, but we’re working hard to offer more accessible ways for people to get involved.

Fundraising plans

We’re currently working to develop a fundraising plan for the next few years. If you’re interested in holding an event to help raise funds and spread the word for KES, please get in touch.

Christmas cards

These were a great success, 764 sold on top of the ones Trustees took, plus donations received from sending them out. Thanks to everyone that bought and used them to spread the word. There are more stockpiled for next year. Thanks again to Michon for helping to bring the students’ designs to life.

Leaflet and talks

We’ve produced a short leaflet to use at events and talks, if you’d like some copies to share with friends, family of colleagues, just let us know by emailing. Or contact us if you would like to have a presentation from Simon or John to groups of potentially interested parties.
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