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KES newsletter - April 2020

An update about the Covid 19 situation in Kenya plus a thank you following our fundraising campaign.


Covid 19 update

The Covid 19 pandemic is having a large impact across the globe and in Kenya the situation's no different, however they face a different set of unique challenges. 

Although Kenya currently has relatively few recorded cases (only about 200 as at 11th April) and deaths compared to western Europe, they seem to be some weeks behind, but the cases are increasing daily. We can only imagine what will happen in areas where social distancing is almost impossible such as the large slum areas in Nairobi. Life is already tough with many organisations and companies faced with financial distress. We only hope that the spread of the disease will be managed and life returns to normal as soon as possible. However, there are major issues in some areas where religious and social gatherings have not ceased. There is a national night time curfew – being strongly enforced, depicted in the images from the Kenyan National newspaper – The Nation.

We're in contact with our link schools and are doing what we can to support our students as we can and have the following updates from them.

Schools closed early for the Easter holiday and would be due to return about the first week in May, however, at this stage there's likely to be a delayed return. Many students couldn't complete their exams at school so there are some arrangements for assessments at home, plus assignments to keep them busy. The government is currently trying to bring learning through Radios, TVs and online, which may not be that effective as many students can’t access those platforms from home depending on their circumstances and there's some criticism that these things haven't been thought through properly.

For further information here's a link to a further article about the situation in Kenya in The Nation.

A student's perspective
Here's an extract from one of KES's scholars, Rael, about the current situation:

I'm doing okay and safe with my family at home. The situation in Kenya keeps getting worse as the number of those infected keeps going up. As I write this, we have 172 cases of those infected, 7 recovered and 6 dead. We are sort of trying to psychologically prepare ourselves for tougher days that are coming. The virus is spreading so fast and it's quite a challenge enforcing certain measures in Africa in general, to combat the spread as a majority live on "hand to mouth" therefore it's close to impossible to keep people locked in their houses.

At the moment in my country, we do not have a total lockdown but we have a curfew from 7pm to 5am and only a few essential licensed individuals like doctors and police officers are allowed to be outside at that time.
We anticipate for a total lockdown soon but evidently a majority is not ready for it and it will be super difficult to enforce that.

The government has managed to enforce a few measures to reduce congestion and interaction of people and everyone is advised to stay at home.

I'm officially in my 3rd year and was almost completing my first semester before it got disrupted by the virus. So far, so good! I've been doing quite well in my studies. I love what I'm doing.

If it were not for the virus, I was supposed to begin my internship in September but things might be different if a solution to the pandemic is not discovered soon. I'm hoping things get better soon. I'm studying Procurement and Contract Management which mainly entails purchasing goods/services on behalf of organizations, things to do with the supply chain, preparing tender documents, negotiating and awarding contracts to suppliers, maintaining procurement records, financial accounting and so much more :)

Fundraising news and thanks

Following our recent fundraising campaign, we're thrilled to announce that we raised £2,250 including gift aid. A huge thanks to those generous supporters who donated and have ensured we can continue to provide quality education for those that need it most.
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