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KES newsletter - April 2019
Happy Easter everyone


Where now for student sponsorships?

As I am sure you will recall, we decided that, due to the workload for our managing trustee, we are not taking any fresh students into sponsorship through KES. This means that once all the present students have completed secondary school and we have helped those who have the chance of university, we will close the charity. This will not be till March 2024.
Starehe exterior
In the past, when a student has finished secondary school, sponsors often asked to fund a further student into sponsorship. As KES is not taking on new scholars this is no longer possible. As some may still be keen Trustees want you to know there is a great way to continue funding scholars, with schools we know - here’s how...
When the chair of trustees John and founding trustee Simon visited Kenya in March 2018 they went with Joseph (who you may recall Simon sponsored in the 1980s and who set up Bahati Division Academy) to visit his old school of Starehe Boys Centre and the girls school Starehe Girls Centre.
Both these schools accept students that show great promise. Only 30% of each years’ intake are fee paying and the remainder are sponsored. John and Simon were very impressed with the school, its facilities, ambience and performance. The result being they both sponsored students at Starehe Girls Centre from 2018.
 Starehe dormitoryStarehe dining hall
Starehe dormitory                                    Starehe Dining Hall
Starehe Boys Centre sports fieldStarehe Resource Centre
Starehe Boys Centre sports field              Starehe Resource Centre
The Starehe schools have their own UK based charity which supports both schools and manages sponsorships in very much the same way as we have done at KES – though they are a larger charity with a longer track record. The result is that it is possible to sponsor further students through the charity Starehe UK – which is what Simon did for further students from January 2019. Whereas it is of course possible to sponsor students direct with the school, by doing this through Starehe UK the gift aid can be recovered just as it is through KES.
Starehe Girls centre
Starehe Boys Centre
And you can donate to Starehe online at
So if any sponsors wish to continue sponsoring either girls or boys in Kenya – we are very happy to refer you to Starehe UK. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Simon at or 07787786818

A great achievement

KES is very proud that since 2011 we have helped 113 students in Kenya to an education that, without our support, they would have had no chance of accessing. This is due to the generosity of you, our sponsors and supporters. The success is evidenced by the fact that we now have 24 ex-students in University and 50 still in secondary education that we continue to support. They’ve all worked incredibly hard to maintain their high achievements and are so appreciative of the help they’ve had. Who knows what the future holds for them, but hopefully they too will follow in Joseph’s footsteps and be able to make contributions to ensure future sponsored scholars can also make a huge difference to our world.
The latest successful recipient of a university place is James Kapiani who is going to study Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance at Masinde Muliro University. You may remember his remarkable journey to school that James took 4 years ago, which you can revisit here.

James Kapiani - final checks and goodbyes 2015
Final checks and goodbyes back in 2015

Joseph summed up the situation very eloquently,
"I remember how his journey started four years ago when he left home for BDA. Thanks to all the sponsors and KES the wonderful support. It is this kind of news that makes it all worth it."

One of our sponsored students who is in her second year at university studying Environmental and Community Studies, is already making a big impact on her world. She explains here what she’s been up to…
I am now well into second year of university. Time is really going fast. I find it awesome to share with you several activities I got engaged with in preparation and celebration of World Wetlands Day, 2nd February.
World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year to raise global awareness about the value of wetlands to humanity and the planet. It also marks the adoption of the Ramsar Convention on wetlands in 1971 in the Iranian city of Ramsar. The day was celebrated for the first time in 1997.
Lucy with her school and other organizations
Lucy with her school group and other organizations
My school environmental club joined different organizations at Laikipia county where Ewaso Narok (marura) swamp is located. We started our activities on 31st Jan where we had a community clean up. The next day was the best experience I ever had, we had a community forum where we wanted to engage the community (most of them being Masai community) in sensitizing and educating them on wetlands values and functions. They had a lot of questions, they initially thought that we went there so that we can send them away from their residence. Some of them resisted to cooperate because they were insecure. Some of them were becoming violent but I can assure you that by the end of the day everyone felt safe. We told them the values of the wetland that is located in their area and we sure saw the importance of conserving their pride.
Community group working on the wetlands
Community group working on the wetlands

The main day included community members planting lots of trees near the wetland. The activities we did were successful and to be remembered by generations.

Thank you and always know that we have got only one planet ...There is no planet B.

Lucy x

Lucy working on the wetlands
Lucy during the wetlands tree planting project

Another visit planned for September
Simon and Nicky are planning another visit in early September. They aim to visit all our partner schools, catch up with the teachers, admin teams and of course as many of the KES scholars as possible. They’ll be reporting back and we’ll share some updates in the next newsletter for you all.

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