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Three new services from EffecTech in 2016: The EffecTech Training Academy, the Stack Emissions Proficiency Testing Scheme (SEPTS) and LNG sampling systems inspection and audit service.

Launch of the EffecTech Academy for bespoke gas quality training

EffecTech will be opening its Training Academy in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire this year, offering standard and bespoke one-day training courses on a wide range of gas measurement topics to suit the needs of those working in gas quality and measurement roles.

EffecTech Training Academy courses can be tailored to suit beginners, intermediate and advanced level learners and include practical work as well as theory. Training will be in small groups of four to ten students with defined learning outcomes to allow for a focussed learning experience to suit all learning styles. Students will develop knowledge and skills that they can apply in the work-place.

Courses currently available:
  • Gas Chromatograph training
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Gas Quality Matters
  • Statistics and Uncertainty
The EffecTech Training Academy is also working with partners to develop courses with external instructors from other disciplines within the oil and gas industry so that customers can receive a one-stop shop training package suitable for their needs.

To find out more about the EffecTech courses and sign up, please see here.


EffecTech Stack Emissions Proficiency Testing Scheme (SEPTS) launches June 2016

EffecTech now offers an annual Stack Emissions Proficiency Testing Scheme (SEPTS) for companies providing stack testing services. The scheme ensures companies adhere to the ISO17025 requirement for laboratories to monitor the validity of their testing and calibration capabilities. The EffecTech Proficiency Testing scheme is run in accordance with ISO 17043 (ISO Guide 43).

The Proficiency Testing Scheme Scope
Mixture Types Composition Range (mol/mol)
carbon monoxide in nitrogen 50ppm to 1000ppm
carbon dioxide in nitrogen 1% to 10%
oxygen in nitrogen 2% to 14%
nitric oxide in nitrogen 5ppm to 500ppm
nitric oxide (NO) in NO/NO2 mix 40ppm to 400ppm
nitrogen oxides (NO2) in NO/NO2 mix 50ppm to 500ppm
sulphur dioxide in nitrogen 50ppm to 1000ppm
propane in 10% oxygen /nitrogen 1ppm to 50ppm

We will be contacting potential participants directly with more information but if you are interested in finding out more about our scheme see here for the details of how it works and to download the application forms. Or you can call us on 01889 569229 or email at

LNG Sampling Systems Inspection and Audit Service in accordance with ISO 8943

Customers wishing to ensure that their LNG sampling service is fit for purpose under a full range of conditions, can now take advantage of EffecTech’s LNG Sampling Systems Inspection and Audit service.

An experienced EffecTech Gas Quality Engineer will complete a full inspection of the LNG loading sampling system against the requirements of ISO 8943. EffecTech will then provide a detailed compliance report highlighting any recommendations for change and adjustments.

For more information, call us on 01889 569229 or email at

Service reminders

Performance Evaluations according to ISO10723: 2012 and ISO 17020 inspection of gas quality measurement systems
EffecTech provides Inspection and performance evaluations on Gas Quality Measurement Systems & process gas chromatographs in accordance with the international standards ISO 17020 and ISO 10723. EffecTech provides clients with evidence of compliance with even the strictest fiscal metering requirements. learn more…

Calibration Gases and Sample Analysis
EffecTech's testing laboratory is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for both composition and physical properties of natural gas, sulphur and gas condensate. 

Standard delivery for ISO17025 calibration gases to UK or ex works Worldwide:
  • 2 – 3 weeks for hydrocarbon calibration gases
  • 4 – 5 weeks for sulphur mixes
  • 2 – 4 weeks for emission gases
learn more… 

Flow metering validation
Gas flow uncertainties are the dominant factor in the energy equation and regular validations will minimise mis-measurements and un-accounted for gas. EffecTech are independent gas metering specialists with a wealth of experience gained from across the globe. We specialise in performing comprehensive and regular traceable validations of the entire metering system. We typically work with large consumers of gas such as power stations and other energy intensive industries including gas transmission and LNG terminal operators. learn more…

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