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summer news 2013

ISO 17020 accreditation for Inspection formally granted by UKAS

EffecTech has added another UKAS accreditation to their portfolio. ISO17020:2012 Inspection Bodies, Type C accreditation was granted for the Inspection of on-line gas quality measurement systems. This is the fourth separate accreditation granted by UKAS.

EffecTech staff sign safety promise

The final deliverable from EffecTech’s safety day, the Safety Promise was signed by staff recently. During the brainstorming session in January, EffecTech staff identified particular areas of their work where they felt safety behaviour could be improved thus developing a more robust safety culture within the company. The safety promise is displayed near the entrance to Dove House reminding all staff several times per day of their commitment to maintaining a safe working culture & environment.

Service reminders

Standard delivery for ISO 17025 calibration gases is 2 – 3 weeks for hydrocarbon calibration gases and sulphur mixtures is 4 – 5 weeks delivered to UK or ex works Worldwide. learn more...

An ISO 17020 accredited inspection will provide an assessment of the sampling system, pressure reduction system, carrier and calibration gas systems against industry best practice. Instrument setup and calculation checks ensure correct system configuration whose errors may be contributing to mis-measurements and hence financial risk, poor process control or risk of legal litigation. learn more...

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