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The last few months have been very busy here at EffecTech…

The 8th International Gas Analysis Symposium & Exhibition (GAS2015), Rotterdam, the Netherlands

EffecTech’s Directors, Drs Paul Holland and Gavin Squire, along with six members of EffecTech staff, attended the 8th International Gas Analysis Symposium & Exhibition (GAS2015) from 10th to 12th June. EffecTech also exhibited at the conference for the first time with a new display stand and brochure. Also on show was the EffecTech cylinder range for Primary, Secondary and Calibrated Reference Gas Mixtures.

Dr Paul Holland chaired the Natural Gas and BioGas Session as well as presenting a paper called ‘Development of the world’s first facility for the preparation of traceable cryogenic LNG reference liquids’. In addition, Dr Gavin Squire presented a paper entitled ‘Development of a dynamic dilution system for calibration of multi-component emission gases’ and Gergely Vargha, EffecTech’s Principal Research Consultant, spoke on ‘Accurate GC measurement of gases with highly adsorptive molecules at low concentration levels’. EffecTech also presented a poster entitled ‘Monitoring your gas chromatograph performance’ by Gas Quality Engineer, Leon Kashap. All the papers presented are downloadable from our website.

Effectech team at GAS2015

Proficiency Testing Scheme for Stack Emissions Gases - Update

EffecTech will be launching an annual Proficiency Testing (PT) scheme for Stack Emissions Gases in 2016. EffecTech already runs a successful PT scheme for Natural Gas and is currently seeking an extension to its existing ISO 17043 scope, as well as adding propane to the ISO 17025 scope by the end of 2015.

For more information about taking part in the scheme, please contact us.

3rd International Metrology for LNG Workshop, Brøndsy, Denmark

Paul Holland also presented his paper on traceable cryogenic liquid reference materials at the 3rd International Metrology for LNG Workshop, held at FORCE Technology in Brøndsy, Denmark on 19th May. The workshop is part of the cross-national Metrology for LNG research project to develop metrological frameworks to support a healthy growth of LNG trade and new applications.

Posters Accepted for LNG 18

Joey Walker, an EngD student based at EffecTech, has had two poster submissions accepted for publication at the 18th International Conference and Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG 18) conference in Perth, Australia next April. Joey will be travelling to the conference to present his posters in person at the international conference which attracts over 5,000 participants from all over the world.

Service reminders

Standard delivery for ISO 17025 calibration gases to UK or ex works Worldwide:
  • 2 – 3 weeks for hydrocarbon calibration gases
  • 4 – 5 weeks for sulphur mixtures
  • 2 – 4 weeks for emission gases
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Performance evaluation according to ISO 10723:2012 & ISO 17020 inspection of gas quality measurement systems
By investing in annual inspections and ISO 17025 site calibrations provided by an independent, specialist company, the traceability and accuracy of your data is guaranteed and can be greatly improved. The improvement in quality will increase the confidence in the analytical results which are used to calculate the physical properties and ultimately the commercial value of the gas. learn more… 

Flow metering validation
Gas flow uncertainties are the dominant factor in the energy equation and regular validations will minimise mis-measurements and un-accounted for gas.

EffecTech are ISO 17025 accredited for on-site calibrations of temperature, pressure and differential pressure ensuring traceable validations with defined uncertainty.

We operate a re-calibration database and will remind clients of forthcoming instrument calibrations. learn more…

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