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Summer news 2014

World's first traceable cryogenic LNG reference liquids developed at EffecTech

The physical properties of LNG are important in the production, transportation and combustion of LNG and also for commercial billing of the product. The energy content of a cargo of LNG is derived from the volume of liquid, the calorific value of the liquid and the density of the liquid and these final two parameters are calculated from the LNG’s composition. Unfortunately, the LNG is a cryogenic liquid at -163°C and it does not lend itself easily to direct measurement like natural gas. 

EffecTech has developed a bespoke cryostat facility for the production of cryogenic reference liquids. These reference liquids with known composition can be used to calibrate instruments measuring LNG. Composition measurements made on the re-vapourised samples are compared with the reference gas values to determine any differences. These differences in composition are quantified and the results are compared to the requirements of the vaporisation testing standard EN 12838:2000 

More than ten reference gases with a range of compositions covering typical LNG ranges have been condensed in the cryostat and the liquids re-vapourised and measured. All mixtures have shown excellent gas / liquid composition comparability and comply with the strict requirements of EN 12838. The principal use of the cryostat is as a calibration device where instrument probes can be inserted so measurements of the LNG inside the cryostat can be made to calibrate or validate the instrument.

The first customer to use the facility was Shell Global Solutions with the evaluation of a Raman Spectrometer.

Alternative carrier gases for process analysers

In April, Dr Paul Holland and Ellie Henshall-Bell presented a paper on ‘alternative carrier gases for process analysers’ at the Oil & Gas Focus Group in Norwich. In 2013, we carried out an investigation, looking at candidate gases that could be used as an alternative to helium. The talk generated some interesting discussions and we will be looking to do further research in the future.

The work was funded by Nexen Petroleum and carried out by EffecTech’s Chris Cowper.

Sentinel Business Awards

After winning the Staffordshire Sentinel's Small Business of the Year Award in 2008 and being runner-up in the Business of the Year Award in 2009, the team at EffecTech, UK are delighted to announce they have won the Small Business of the Year Award 2013/14.

Dr Gavin Squire, CEO EffecTech Group has said of the award “To be recognised once again by the judges at the Sentinel Awards is testament to the commitment and spirit of a smart working group of engaged people from the Staffordshire area. We are privileged to be part of this team at EffecTech. The Company dedicates this award to every single member of staff all of whom have directly influenced our success."

EffecTech at the Business Awards 2014
Courtesy of Staffordshire Sentinel News & Media

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Standard delivery for ISO 17025 calibration gases to UK or ex works Worldwide:
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Performance evaluation according to ISO 10723:2012 & ISO 17020 inspection of gas quality measurement systems
By investing in annual inspections and ISO 17025 site calibrations provided by an independent, specialist company, the traceability and accuracy of your data is guaranteed and can be greatly improved. The improvement in quality will increase the confidence in the analytical results which are used to calculate the physical properties and ultimately the commercial value of the gas. learn more… 

Flow metering validation
Gas flow uncertainties are the dominant factor in the energy equation and regular validations will minimise mis-measurements and un-accounted for gas.

EffecTech are ISO 17025 accredited for on-site calibrations of temperature, pressure and differential pressure ensuring traceable validations with defined uncertainty.

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