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1 - How to Be Your Own Lover for Valentine's Day
2 - This weekend!  Eva's workshop featured at Munifisense Love  (get discount tix!)
3 - Eva's interview: "The Science of Love" on Sex Lab with Lara Catone
4 - Smart Self Love circle is SOLD OUT!  Spring enrollment now open! 

Beloved leonie,

A few years ago a lover broke my heart.  We had mutually decided to end our relationship, but afterwards he was (in my opinion) dreadfully neglectful of my emotions.  He disappeared quickly into a new relationship and broke contact.  I felt abandoned, and wondered, "How could he move on so quickly?"  "Did he even love me?"  I cried for days, questioning our whole relationship and longing for some acknowledgement that he cared.  None came.  Has this ever happened to you?  It was so painful.  But here's the deal ~ 

That heartbreak was my greatest gift.

Because I decided to do for myself what I was wanting him to do.

I bought myself flowers.  I stopped several times a day to check in on my own emotional needs.  I spoke to myself the words I wanted to hear from him:  "I will always love you".  "I'm so grateful for you".  I took myself on dates, and even sent myself loving texts.  Almost miraculously the heartbreak healed and the pain lifted.

I had learned the power of self-love.

I'm forever grateful for being emotionally neglected!  Those practices felt SO GOOD that I made them a staple and it's changed my life.

However you feel about Valentine's Day, whether single or paired, consider yourself a bad-ass rock star and love yourself UP!
- Buy yourself flowers, or a romantic gift.
- Treat yourself to special date
- Savor every moment of your alone time and freedom!
- Self-pleasure
- Take a bubble bath
- Cook your favorite meal

Basically - love YOURSELF the way you wish to be loved.  Then watch magic unfold in your life.  Trust me on this one ;)
Wishing you a sumptuous, luscious, self-fulfilled Valentines weekend!! 

(and hope to see you at Munifisense Love!)

Eva's Art of Ecstatic Intimacy workshop at Munifisense Love

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Eva interviewed on
Sex Lab with Lara

"The Science of Love"

In this interview I describe the fascinating marriage of science and mystery in love.....Listen Here

Smart Self Love: Radical Confidence for Women
Coaching Circle

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VIDEO:  The Science of Self Love!
About Eva:
Eva Clay, MSW, LCSW, CHt, is an internationally-acclaimed psychotherapist, life coach, sexuality expert, and women's rights activist. She bodaciously reminds us that all behavior begins in the brain, and has helped thousands of people to rise and live more joyful, confident lives. She’s been a professor of mindfulness and neuroscience at USC, UCLA, Pepperdine University, and others. She operates a charity for battered women and offers self-love and sexual intelligence programs.

A ruckus on the dance floor, Eva is also the creator of Sacred Dance Live.
Go big.  I love you,
Photo credit:  Sequoia Emmanuelle


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