September 14, 2015

Newsletter #36


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Resilient Landscapes
Fire Adapted Communities
Safe and Effective Wildfire Response
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Photo: BLM

Every Fire Put Out is a Problem Put Off

Stephen Pyne, Professor at Arizona State University and frequent contributor to the narrative of wildland fire issues in the West joined the Western Regional Strategy Committee on August 26th to discuss his recent thoughts on resilience as a method of dealing with wildland fire and describes his concern over the number of acres not being burned under controlled conditions.  Read more here
US Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell talks Cohesive Strategy
for the future with Oregon Department of Forestry District Forester Joe Hessel.


A Cohesive Strategy for the Future

We are still about a month away from the end of a treacherous fire season here in the West but that doesn't stop our nation's leaders from thinking ahead and being proactive in their strategies to work together towards more resilient landscapes, communities becoming more fire adapted and a safe, effective wildfire response.  More here or click the photo above.   
Collaborators in Lake Tahoe.  Source: North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District

CWPP Incorporates Cohesive Strategy

An updated Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) was presented at the 19th Annual Lake Tahoe Summit on August 24th. Collaborators organized their CWPP around the goals of the Cohesive Strategy.  Read more here

WRSC Partners Testify at
US Senate Committee Hearing

Tom Zimmerman, President of the International Association of Wildland Fire and Senior Regional Leader for the WRSC, and Nick Goulette, Director for the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network and WRSC partner delivered testimony at the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Hearing on August 27th. The topic was Opportunities to Improve the Organizational Response of the Federal Agencies in the Management of Wildland Fires. Both relayed the value of the Cohesive Strategy, its goals and principles in moving forward to effectively addressing the issues surrounding wildland fire.  Read the full story here.

Wildfire Response in New Mexico.  Source: New Mexico State Forestry

Updated After the Wildfire Guide

The New Mexico State Forestry Division just launched an upgraded version of the After Wildfire Guide, which provides practical guidance for communities and individuals impacted by wildland fires and post-fire flooding. With hundreds of communities impacted by fire this season, the Guide is being used by communities across the nation.  Read more here
Before and after treatments at Shevlin Commons in Bend, OR.  Photo: Alison Green

Fire Provides Lessons
on Value of Landscape Treatments 


This summer a wildfire provided a real-life test of a collaborative fuels reduction project conducted earlier in the year. A human-caused fire quickly burned eight  acres and began throwing embers into the treated easement. Embers ignited the area that had not been treated, starting a spot fire. There were no spot fires ignited in the treated easement, and the spot fire was readily suppressed due to the reduced vegetation. This success story highlights and integrates all three goals of the Cohesive Strategy: the fuels treatment created a healthier, more resistant and resilient landscape; the community and local agencies pursued a collaborative approach to making this community more fire adapted; and the treatments enabled a safe and effective fire response.  Read the full blog here. 

In support of Creating Fire Adapted Communities, we will
be featuring highlights from the FAC Net blog in each newsletter.   

Upcoming Learning Opportunities

September 24-26, 2015 - Colorado Wildland Fire Conference: Creating Fire Adapted Communities at Snowmass Village, CO.  
October 22-24, 2015 - Backyards and Beyond - Wildland Fire Education Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC.    

November 16-20, 2015 - 6th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress in San Antonio, TX.  Registration open now!

March 8-10, 2016 - IAFC's Wildland Urban Interface Conference in Reno, NV.   

April 11-16, 2016 - 5th International Fire Behavior & Fuels Conference. "Wicked Problems, New Solutions: Our Fire, Our Problem" will be held concurrently in Portland, OR and Melbourne, Australia.  
Articles and information from around the West that demonstrate collaborative efforts and meaningful progress towards Resilient Landscapes, Fire Adapted Communities and Safe & Effective Wildfire Response.

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