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Contented #37: News for content authors

New course on creating mobile content

Writing mobile content course

Creating content that works on mobile devices: hot topic!

In fact, we think making all content mobile-friendly should now be an automatic choice.

And here's why...

  • If you have any sort of web site, people already find it on their phones and tablets.
  • If you have a mobile-friendly web site, appropriate content will make or break its success.
  • If you’re planning to go mobile, you can start by reviewing and refreshing the content.
  • If you’re not planning to go mobile yet — you will soon. 

We’ve developed a one-hour course for content authors, focusing on what makes content work on mobile devices.

It’s typically Contented, packing a whole lot of learning into a course that’s attractive and original and easy and fun. You’ll be surprised how much crucial knowledge you will absorb and instantly apply to your writing.

First 50 people get Diploma with new mobile course for US$155

Mobile course is now part of Diploma in Web Content

We think this mobile course is so essential for all web writers that it’s now part of the 10-course Diploma in Web Content.

It replaces Starting a Successful Blog. (You can still do our popular blogging course on its own or as part of a Certificate in Social Media Writing.)

Right now, the Diploma is just US$155 for the first 50 individuals who enrol online.

That's a whopping 35% off (normally US$239). You have 12 months to start your study.

Enrol for the Diploma now and get mobile content skills on your CV (limited to 50)

Diploma in Web Content for US$155

You can enrol online for just the Mobile course for US$50 (or by invoice for NZ$70)
Current and new subscribers to all Contented courses also get the Mobile course this week 

Writing tip: principal or principle

Writing tip: principal or principle

This pair of words has been stumping people forever, and no wonder: they have rather similar meanings, and one of them (principal) has three meanings.

The word principle is always a noun and it is always a thing (not a person). Principle means a standard, basic truth, law or rule. A principle can be theoretical (the osmosis principle) or moral (standing up for your principles).  

The word principal is a bit messier. 
  • As an adjective, it means main or primary: The principal teacher is Mrs Mainman.
  • As a noun, it’s usually short for the most powerful person in an organisation: The principal [teacher in a school or director in a company] is Mrs Mainman
  • In legal documents, it’s short for the main person involved in a contract or negotiation.
One way to differentiate between these words:
My pal the principal is the prince of the school.

Specialist accessibility auditing services

Contented conducts accessibility audits
It's a trend! We notice more organisations are taking action to comply with government web standards. 

If you don't have specialists to audit your websites in-house, ask Contented.

We can also produce accessible Word and PDF templates so your staff can carry on the good work.

We welcome enquiries from any English-language country. Our accessibility experts work on websites and intranets in the US, Canada and New Zealand.

Whether your government requires you to comply with WCAG 2.0, Section 508, or national accessibility standards, we will deliver an authoritative, systematic, customised report in plain language.

We're on the New Zealand government Common Web Services panel for web accessibility consultants.

And don't forget our accessibility courses, essential for all staff who create digital content.

Contact Alice to discuss your accessibility goals


Alice and family in Tonga
Message to our Antipodean friends: don’t forget to take a winter break!

For a few days, Rachel lolled around in Marlborough and Alice rested up at the magical Ha'atafu Beach Resort in sunny Tonga. 

Now supercharged and back at work, we are boiling with plans and projects—but that's not news, is it?
Oh and while we have your kind attention, we should tell you our course ranking feature has just gone live: you can now rate our courses on our website. If you have completed one of courses, we would appreciate you taking a few seconds to rank it. You never know how we might thank acts of kindness. 

Keep calm and stay contented.
Alice and Rachel
Alice Hearnshaw's signature Rachel McAlpine's signature

PS Act now and get 35% off the popular Diploma in Web Content
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