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In this issue:
  • Classic course in web writing needed for teamwork
  • Special: 25% off Diploma in Web Content registrations for groups of 5
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  • Tips: How to improve the usability of your content with user testing

Classic course in web writing still widely needed

Image: Diploma in Web Content
After you learn something, you tend to think that everyone knows it.

If you’ve studied the Diploma in Web Content, you may be troubled by thoughts like this every day:
  • How could anyone not know how to to front-load headlines and paragraphs?
  • How is it possible that some people still write ’Click here’? 
  • How come that new employee never adds alt-text to their images? 
  • Does that person really think a burbly introduction is a summary?
  • Why doesn’t that content contributor stick to one topic per page? 
  • Why doesn't so-and-so understand how words affect our Google ranking?
The answer to all these questions is the same.
Nobody is born knowing how to write for the web, and web writing skills are not intuitive. They need to be learned, and the offending writers have probably never had this opportunity.

Ultimately it takes real teamwork for your content to work well. All content contributors need to know how to reach online readers and search engines — otherwise there's no stopping so-and-so from undoing your good work.

Diploma in Web Content special: 25% off for groups of 5

This month's special offer is all about teamwork. For the next 7 days, US$800 buys you access to the Diploma in Web Content for 5 people (usually US$1075.50). You save over 25%.  

Spend a smidgen of your training budget for a big result that benefits your whole team. You have 12 months for all 5 people to complete the training.

Register online by credit card:

  1. Add 5 to your cart on the Diploma page
  2. Enter discount code TEAMWORK for 25% off at the checkout.

Contact Alice for invoices and bigger group bookings:
alice @

Special offer expires midnight Thursday 19 November.

An iPad Mini awaits — maybe you?

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Tip: How user testing your web content leads to happiness

US information architect Lou Rosenfeld
In our latest blog, Alice discusses Lou Rosenfeld's UXNZ 2015 speech on improving the design of hardcopy books by testing them with real people.

Alice also shares her tips on how writers and UX researchers can test and improve the usability of any type of content — web, intranet, manuals, documents, help files and ebooks — without lots of time and money. 

Be strong, be safe, be useful.

Alice and Rachel

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