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March 29, 2017 
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ALBANY - Two New York state lawmakers are sponsoring a bill they say could have possibly prevented the March 16 death of a Bronx fire department emergency medical technician run down by her car-jacked ambulance. Brooklyn Republican Sen. Martin J. Golden and Democratic Assemblyman Joe Lentol announced legislation Tuesday to extend criminal penalties for acts that are part of ongoing criminal gang organizations...(Full Article)

NORTH CAROLINA Police chief: Gangs cause for most Salisbury gun violence

SALISBURY - Crime problems in the city limits are homegrown and gang-related, Police Chief Jerry Stokes told City Council members this week. During a detailed presentation about the Police Department, Stokes talked about gangs in Salisbury...In Salisbury, he said local groups or subsidiaries of the Blood Gang — West Side, Puzo, BBA, 9-trey and Gangster Bloods — are the largest. He said West Side Bloods don’t affiliate with or recognize the East Coast BBAs, 9-treys or Gangster Bloods....(Full Article)

WASHINGTON Police Chief Talks Gangs, Guns In Everett, WA

EVERETT - With 19 “gun shots fired” calls between December 6th and March 15th in Everett, Police Chief Dan Templeman is expressing increasing concern over gang related crimes and gang involvement in shootings. 14 of the 19 cases did have some ties to gangs in Everett. “Obviously the vast majority of our youth in the Everett community are not involved in any of this kind of activity”...(Full Article)


SAN SALVADOR - El Salvador's brutal street gangs have been involved in every kind of criminal activity imaginable: drugs, extortion, prostitution, murder, kidnapping. But even authorities were surprised when a woman escaped the Mara Salvatrucha gang and told prosecutors its members had kidnapped her and forced her into a "black widow" arranged marriage. After the wedding, her new husband was killed in order to collect an insurance policy. The gang's hook for her prospective husband was also novel: They advertised the woman as a U.S. citizen who could get her husband a coveted entry visa to the United States...(Full Article)

The latest attack in London underlines the growing threat in Europe from individuals inspired or directed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, NATO's commander said Thursday. "It underscores again the dynamic environment in Europe," Army Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti said of the attack that began on Westminster Bridge near Parliament. "Europe is challenged by both the flow of terrorists returning to Europe from Syria and other places" and "they're challenged by an internal threat of those inspired by ISIS or directed by ISIS." Scaparrotti said he is particularly concerned by the criminal gangs that help smuggle refugees into Europe. The gangs also "are more than willing to move equipment, personnel, weapons and people" to abet ISIS plots...(Full Article)

SCOTLAND Glasgow's gang war continues police 'stop' six planned shootings

GLASGOW - At least six new armed attacks in Glasgow's ongoing gun war have been prevented in a secret police operation. A Sunday Mail investigation reveals detectives have issued six disruption notices to dangerous criminals within the last fortnight. Police Scotland have told more than 20 members of the rival Daniel and Lyons gangs that their lives are at risk. The individuals have been given so-called Osman warnings at their homes...(Full Article)

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