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Bulletin: #GFORCE-GANGWATCH-2017-12
March 22, 2017 
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SAN DIEGO - North Park gang member convicted of participating in a racketeering conspiracy involving trafficking teenage girls, robbery and drug sales was sentenced Friday to seven years in prison. Robert Banks III was found guilty at the end of a two-week trial in San Diego federal court last summer. Twenty-four people were charged in the conspiracy. The indictment targeted the BMS gang, or Black Mob and Skanless, two groups that don’t claim traditional gang affiliation but work together to make money, primarily in sex trafficking and drug sales...(Full Article)

MARYLAND Behind the rise in seemingly chaotic MS-13 violence:

A 34-year-old was lured to woods in suburban Maryland, where assailants armed with knives had already dug his grave. A 22-year-old, also taken into a wooded area, was ordered to his knees and shot in the face. An 18-year-old, ambushed near a stream, was stabbed and stoned as he crawled into the water and died under a bridge of the Capital Beltway. The shocking slayings 18 months ago signaled a resurgence in Montgomery County of the notorious MS-13 gang. Now, with federal racketeering cases underway for three suspects arrested in connection with the killings, court documents lay out a brutal chain of command that law enforcement says drives the violence. Organized in local MS-13 units called “cliques,” the Maryland gangs put prospective members under long periods of “observations” before allowing them in. Ascension in the gang involves at least five rank designations, according to federal court records, with clique leaders using social media and coded words to stay in constant contact with superiors in the United States and El Salvador...(Full Article)

NEW YORK Indictment shows the Hells Angels riding on

Half a dozen Hell's Angels members were arrested north of New York City on Thursday and charged with trafficking cocaine and methamphetamines. A 21-page indictment in the case shows the infamous motorcycle gang is active and dangerous and still living up to its motto, “Angels Forever, Forever Angels.” Federal prosecutors said the six men, including the former vice president of the New Roc Hell's Angels, also made money through extortion, prostitution and the sale of contraband cigarettes in three counties in the Hudson Valley between 2008 and 2014. The New Roc crew even allegedly attacked a rival motorcycle gang member with a hammer in a fight reminiscent...(Full Article)

NORTH CAROLINA N Carolina Criminal Gang Activity Bill Clears House Panel

RALEIGH - North Carolina's nearly decade-old law designed to punish and deter gang crimes and violence would be rewritten with new crimes and new definitions of gang activity in legislation that cleared a House committee on Tuesday. Prosecutors and a law enforcement group backed the legislation they say is needed because it's difficult to prosecute gang members under a 2008 state law. The definitions of criminal gangs and gang activity also aren't specific enough, speakers before the judicial panel said. These shortcomings have contributed to a low number of gang-crime convictions. Data presented to a legislative subcommittee last year showed 50 specific charges related to patterns of gang activity filed statewide in 2015, but no convictions...(Full Article)


Twenty-nine BlackBerry mobile phones in the study, four on the lounge, one in the coffee table drawer and a plastic cup with 31 grams of meth in the kitchen cupboard....uncovered when they raided the inner-city Sydney unit of an accused dealer in encrypted phones in October 2014. The contents of the unit in Sussex Street were a significant find for police, who have been battling a growing trend in criminals arming themselves with uncrackable phones to direct gangland hits and to run organised crime gangs. The technology has emerged as one of the great challenges for law enforcement in recent years...(Full Article)

GUATEMALA Three Killed, Eight Wounded in Attacks on Guatemalan Police

GUATEMALA CITY - Three policemen were killed and seven officers wounded in attacks on police across Guatemala on Monday night, authorities said, hours after a bloody gang riot in a juvenile detention center was put down in the Central American nation. Eight attacks were carried out against police stations and patrol cars in the capital, Guatemala City, while another assault occurred in western Quetzaltenango department, authorities said. The assaults in Guatemala City appeared to have been carried out by the Barrio 18 gang. Thirteen gang members were arrested and authorities seized weapons including a grenade launcher, five assault rifles and four pistols, police said...(Full Article)

JAMAICA Senior cop vows to dismantle criminal network in Hanover

LUCEA - Newly installed commanding officer for the Hanover Police Division Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Sharon Beeput has vowed to dismantle the four existing gangs operating in the parish, two of which, she said, are creating mayhem.“ She listed the gangs as the Ants Nest, 100 Rounds, One Link and One Voice, stressing that, “the One Voice and the One Link gangs are creating mayhem in the parish.”...(Full Article)

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