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Thursday, October 06, 2016 
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Latin Kings
Latin Kings Profile
This Week's Gang Enforcement Advisor: #GFORCE-GEA-2016-40

FRESNO - Fresno Police said new Central Fresno substation opening at Manchester Center is coming at a perfect time to help combat recent gang violence. A man died Saturday night after being shot in the area of Grant and Effie Streets. Authorities said it was gang-related and stemmed from a fight with a rival gang. On Monday, the new substation opens up and dozens of officers will be out patrolling and providing a quicker response time for calls....(Full Article)

CHATTANOOGA - For nearly five hours in a packed courtroom, witness after witness relayed the same message: East Lake is a hub of criminal activity, thanks to 31 men who belong to violent gangs. Despite objections from defense attorneys who wanted more time to prepare, Hamilton County Criminal Court Judge Barry Steelman wanted the hearing to continue so that witnesses wouldn't have to return...(Full Article)

EL PASO - The El Paso Police Department reactivated its gang tip line on Friday in response to an increase in gang-related criminal activity this year, officials said. There are currently 324 confirmed gangs in El Paso compared with 313 gangs in September 2014, according to a police news release. There have been 254 gang-related cases this year compared with 220 at this time last year...(Full Article)

The shooting at The Crust fits into a pattern of escalating violence between two gangs, both with roots in Williamsburg, which are known to commit crimes such as shootings, witness intimidation, drug trafficking and homicide. The gangs, which refer to themselves as 143 and Centerville after the neighborhoods they are based in, have been feuding for years...(Full Article)

As the small plane landed at the Stafford, Va. airport, members of the Washington-area street gang had just arrived, federal authorities said. They watched as purported cocaine was unloaded, divvied up into two duffel bags and handed to people they thought were runners for a New Jersey drug ring. The Jan. 17 incident was an elaborate ruse, part of a months-long investigation by federal authorities into the 18th Street gang...(Full Article)

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