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April 20, 2016 

A California gang expert disputes claims by the valley’s top cops that this year’s spike in violent crimes was caused by an influx of gang members from Southern California.

The problem is the decision by Las Vegas police to decentralize its gang enforcement unit, according to Wes McBride, a retired gang detective with decades of experience in Los Angeles and the executive director of the California Gang Investigators Association.

“They’re different than the run-of-the-mill crooks. If you don’t know the nuances, you’re lost,” he said. “A gang cop’s job is to make being a gang member very uncomfortable. You’ve got to be out on the street finding out who they are.”

The Las Vegas Valley is in the midst of a violent crime wave, with marked increases in rapes, robberies, assaults and homicides.

Georgia - Metro agencies work to target gang activity

ATLANTA - Metro Atlanta law enforcement agencies are working together to fight gangs activity and crimes that cross city and county lines. "We work with other organizations not only to identity the gang, but identify the members of the gang, and understand how they operate and we use statistical analysis in order to kind of help us kind of focus our assets and target where we think they will hit next," Register said.

Tennessee: Police, mentors give tips to talk to kids about gangs

KNOXVILLE - Gangs are widespread in Knoxville. An investigator with the city's police department said there's gang activity in every middle school and high school in Knox County. Some clothes or accessories with gang symbols are even sold at kiosks at the West Town Mall, Quick said. It's not illegal to sell this merchandise nor is it illegal to be in a gang, he added.

Maryland - Weakened immigration enforcement caused rise in alien gangs

FREDRICK - Sheriff Charles Jenkins of Frederick County, Md. told a House panel that “(o)pen borders, reckless sanctuary policies, and failure to enforce our immigration laws have greatly impacted public safety and national security throughout every jurisdiction of this country. He linked the surge in unaccompanied alien minors crossing the border to a rise in alien gang crime, including attempted murder, armed robbery and the rape and sexual assault of children. “Every single day, more Americans are becoming victims of senseless crimes, being injured and killed by criminal aliens, many are transnational gang members,” Sheriff Jenkins

Australia - Boost for Vic police fight against gangs

New police, armoured vehicles and state-of-the-art technology will set up Victoria Police to become national leaders in the fight against gang crime, family violence and drugs.

The $596 million Public Safety Package is the law and order centrepiece of the Victorian state budget announced by Premier Daniel Andrews on Sunday, alongside police Commissioner Graham Ashton and acting Police Minister Robin Scott.

Australia - Police warn of surge as bikies ‘recruit from young street gangs’

QUEENSLAND - “Over the last decade, the demographics of OMCG nationwide has seen younger males joining these gangs.” The Hells Angels have increased the gang’s presence on the Gold Coast, amid fears of a turf war with established groups the Mongols and Finks on the glitter strip. Some Nomads bikies — including the gang’s 23-year-old vice-president — have been targeted by Taskforce Maxima in recent months.

Canada - $23M in funding for more police and prosecutors to fight gangs

BRITISH COLUMBIA - “We know that when we take tough enforcement in one city many of those gang members, just like cockroaches, find their way to other cities around the province,” she said. The anti-gang Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, which has an annual budget of about $60 million, will get two more 10-person teams, along with a new Office of Crime Reduction and Gang Outreach to help people escape gang life, Clark said.

South Africa - Top cop ‘on mec, gangs’ hitlist’

WESTERN CAPE - In an unprecedented move the province’s top gang-buster, Major-General Jeremy Vearey, has gone public about a series of smear campaigns against him, pointing a finger at some of the province’s most feared gang leaders as well as politicians, notably Community Safety MEC Dan Plato.

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