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Wednesday, October 12, 2016 
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LITTLE ROCK - Jackson knows a lot about lines and territories. The ex-gang member now focuses on his non-profit helping youth stay on the right side of the line. "At the of the day, it only takes one thing to kick the gang scenario back off again," says Jackson. After two shootings Thursday and two shootings Friday, he says Little Rock is headed down the wrong road. "Tip the scale to either a totally blown out gang war or it could be a pedestal to stand on to stop it," says Jackson...(Full Article)

Most street gang members are known to the public and the police — even if parents of these murderous thugs are afraid to acknowledge the truth about their own children. What parent wants to acknowledge their child is a member of a violent street gang who may one day murder someone, or, be murdered by a rival gang? My solution is to strip the street gangs and active members of all legal protections. They don’t deserve it. We need a Patriot Act for street gangs. We use the Patriot Act now to confront terrorism. How are street gangs not like terrorists?...(Full Article)

MONTANA Outlaw motorcycle gang reportedly tied to torture case

GREAT FALLS - and the surrounding area is home to many motorcycle enthusiasts. It’s also home to motorcycle “clubs” that are, in fact, nationally recognized outlaw motorcycle gangs. Groups of this type that are active in Great Falls include the Bandidos and two of its “farm” or “support” clubs, the Hermanos and the Amigos. Other clubs do have reported chapters in Great Falls and the state of Montana. All three of those clubs with loyalty to the Bandidos have reported ties to serious crimes committed in Great Falls this year — the recent report of kidnapping and torture at a Riverview home and a vehicle shooting reported in June...(Full Article)

To say that the Latino community in New York’s Suffolk County mistrusts its police department is an understatement. The sentiment has been brewing for nearly a decade, following the hate-related murder of an Ecuadorian immigrant in 2008 and a perceived indifference to crimes involving Latinos thereafter. But in recent months, the disconnection between police and the community collided with an increase in gang violence, creating a perfect storm...(Full Article)


A new report on a strategy to help keep young men and women from joining gangs claims the strategy is working – but it does take time. Crime Prevention Ottawa presented the draft report on Oct. 3 and executive director Nancy Worsfold said the report, which looks at the first three years of working towards finding solutions to street-level violence, indicates the work the community is doing is having an impact – but it is a complex issue...(Full Article)

EL SALVADOR - From Bloody Civil War to Devastating Criminal Violence

In 2015, El Salvador, with an alarming 104 homicides committed per 100,000 residents, was named the world's most violent country. It is a place with a long history of violence — from the Spanish incursion in the 16th century fiercely resisted by Pipil warriors to the military government's massacre of thousands of rural indigenous citizens in 1932. And then there was the civil war that raged between 1979 and 1992, killing an estimated 75,000 people in a country of just a few million. Today, El Salvador's legacy of violence is most evident in its gang culture, most notably perpetrated by Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, and the 18th Street Gang, or Calle 18...(Full Article)

EAST LONDON - Disturbing footage has emerged showing young gang members enforcing their “territory” in East London, brutally beating and robbing their teenage victims. The two videos of violent assaults were filmed and shared on social media by the offenders themselves in an increasingly brazen trend. In one attack, believed to have been filmed last week in the Roman Road area of Tower Hamlets, the youths surround a boy and crowd him against a garage. “What’s your f***ing name bruv?” the leader demands. “You’re not getting your phone back! Why you drinking in my area for? Who the f*** do you think you are bruv?”...(Full Article)

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