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April 27, 2016 

"Joining a gang is like having a family,” Clinton said during a recent discussion about gun violence in Connecticut. “It’s feeling like you are a part of something bigger than yourself. So we’re either going to have gangs that murder and rob and do the things that are so destructive to their members and to the community, or we’re going to have positive gangs, we’re going to have positive alternatives for young people.”


Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke slammed Hillary Clinton for being out of touch with the reality of life in urban communities.

Clarke was reacting to Clinton’s remarks in Connecticut Friday about gang violence and the need for “positive gangs” for urban youth. “I’m still trying to get my head around this,” Clarke said referring to Clinton’s statement that “joining a gang is like having a family.”

During a campaign appearance, Clinton said “Joining a gang is like having a family. It’s feeling like you’re part of something bigger than yourself.” 

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland police face a growing problem of gang-related violence. In 2015 there were 193 crimes connected with gangs and so far in 2016 there have been 55.

WisconsinNumber of gun violence incidents increasing, some gang connections

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval addressed his concern over the city's growing number of gun-related violent incidents Tuesday, calling the trend “increasingly disturbing.” Many of these incidents are related to gang activity, Koval said, although those involved do not break down into “warring factions.”


El Salvador - El Salvador Is Creating a Special Military Unit to Hunt Gang Members

El Salvador's government has tried and failed on multiple occasions to contain the country's explosive violence with crackdowns on its infamous warring gangs."The moment has come to end the rising violence of recent years that has caused so much sacrifice and bloodshed," Oscar Ortiz, El Salvador's vice president, told reporters on Wednesday, as he announced the deployment of the new force. "Today we bring about the birth of new hope, and you, brave members of this new force, are part of this new hope."

Ortiz said that the 1,000-member special force will be responsible for "neutralizing" the gangs.

El Salvador El Salvador Votes to Punish Anyone Who Negotiates With Gangs

EL SALVADOR - Legislature has approved a new law that would impose up to 15 years in prison on anyone who negotiates with or offers benefits to street gangs.

The measure approved by the unicameral legislature is the latest in a series of moves aimed at attacking gang violence that helped push El Salvador's murder rate to 103 homicides for every 100,000 residents last year.

The law would punish anyone who benefits from gang activities or acts as an intermediary for gangs. It also prohibits negotiating with gangs by offering reduced sentences for them.

The government wants to prevent a repeat of a 2012 gang truce that provided no lasting reduction in violence and apparently allowed the gangs to become more powerful.

El Salvador - El Salvador reclassifies gangs as terrorists

EL SALVADOR - Legislators in El Salvador have passed anti-gang reform measures that establish new crimes, prohibit negotiation with criminals, and classify gangs as terrorist organizations as the government doubles down on hardline security policies. 

On April 21, members of El Salvador's Legislative Assembly voted nearly unanimously to pass reforms to the country's penal code that target the "mara" street gangs, such as the Mara Salvatrucha (MS13) and Barrio 18, reported El Faro.

New Zealand - Outlaw motorcycle gang's expansion could include Taranaki turf

A notorious outlaw motorcycle gang's expansion into new areas could include Taranaki, a leading criminologist has warned.

The Head Hunters are continuing to grow nationally,  despite police seizing vast amounts of drugs, weapons, cash and paraphernalia.

University of Canterbury criminologist Greg Newbold said there had been a change in the dynamic of gangs around New Zealand, including in Taranaki, with gangs expanding like businesses.

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