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Wednesday, February 01, 2017 
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FORT MYERS - A well-known Fort Myers gang called the Lake Boyz used social media to spread their influence, according to court documents. Investigators say music videos posted to Youtube, which feature some of the gang's members, were one of the tools the gang used to expand their criminal enterprise. Detectives say the Lake Boyz used social media to gain influence "the way prior gangs used graffiti." Hashtags such as "lakeboyzbaby" or "greatlakesbaby" are used by gang members and associates on social media sites. The Lake Boyz also have a community Facebook page which had over 160 likes...(Full Article)

MARYLAND Police commissioner believes prosecution at federal level is key

BALTIMORE - Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis wants some federal assistance in the takedown of gangs in Baltimore City. Davis is taking aim at members of a gang that is known for its violence. The Black Guerilla Family (BGF) has been at the center of several federal investigations behind bars. In an effort to battle BGF members Davis believes prosecution at the federal level is key. He says, "There’s a certainty of consequence that exists in federal court, that does not exist in state court.”..(Full Article)

TEXAS Law Enforcement Cracking Down on Gangs

MCALLEN - State and local law enforcement broke ground on a new anti-gang center Saturday. The Texas Transnational Intelligence Center will be located at the old McAllen police headquarters. Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw said the center is crucial. "Going after gangs in the Rio Grande Valley improves the safety and security for the citizens. They also do have a disproportionate amount of recruitment of our children into these gangs. They're gateway criminal organizations," McCraw said...(Full Article)


MONTENEGRO Gangs' car bombs rattle Montenegro's capital

PODGORICA - Heavily-armed police are guarding the streets of Montenegro's capital after a spike in gangland violence rattled the Balkan country, which is on the brink of joining NATO. Twelve people were killed last year as a result of gang feuds in the country of 620,000 people, whose tourism sector is growing under the threat of powerful organised crime. In one incident in September, a sniper shot a prisoner dead in broad daylight in a yard in Montenegro's highest-security jail in Podgorica. The man had been jailed for extortion...(Full Article)

NEW ZEALAND It's unacceptable gangs continue to thrive in NZ

Of the 3,627 people identified as gang members, over 2,500 have been arrested or charged in the last two years. So put the hundreds of millions of dollars we're spending on benefits to one side for a moment, and add to it the hundreds of millions we're spending putting them through our justice system, and keeping them in prisons. Prisons, they run and traffic drugs through too. The cost of gangs to society - both socially and financially - is enormous. Part of the answer, according to Stuart Nash, is more police...(Full Article)

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