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November 24, 2014
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The National Bar Association Issues A Call to Action Against “The War on Police Brutality”  
A National Conference Call Will Be Held
In Wake of The Grand Jury’s Decision in St. Louis, Mo

Pamela J. Meanes, President of the National Bar Association

Benjamin Crump, Attorney for the Michael Brown family and President Elect of the National Bar Association 

Daryl Parks, Attorney for the Michael Brown family and Past National Bar Association President 

Anthony Gray, Attorney for the Michael Brown family and National Bar Association Member

Patricia Bynes, Democratic Committeewoman For Ferguson Township

Dr. Cornel West, American philosopher, academic, activist and author

Pastor Chantel Renee Wright, Founder of Songs of Solomon

Bernard Butler, Founder, Urban Diary TV

Pastor Gregg L. Greer, Founder of Freedom First International and Committee Member of The Southern Christian Leadership Conference

A National Conference Call: A Call to Action “War on Police Brutality”
Call in Number: (712) 432-1212     Enter Passcode: 873-266-995

When: November 25, 2014 at 12:30 a.m. CST
(Four and half hours after the verdict was announced tonight, which is the length of time Michael Brown's body laid in the street after he was killed.)

Discussion: Brown Family Attorneys Crump, Parks and Gray will discuss the family's response and how the community may offer support. Ferguson Township Committeewoman Bynes will discuss how the nation should stand in solidarity with the Ferguson citizens to effectuate positive change. In addition, Dr. West, Pastors Wright and Greer and Mr. Butler will discuss why they believe that a national economic boycott with a local impact will help to eradicate police brutality. Finally, the National Bar Association will set forth the legal action against Darren Wilson, social media blackout and legal reform. 

In wake of the verdict by the St. Louis County Grand Jury, the National Bar Association is questioning how Darren Wilson, a Police Officer in Ferguson, Missouri, was not indicted and tried for the shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown. The National Bar Association is deeply concerned whether a victim of excessive and/or deadly force by the hands of a police officer in St. Louis County can receive fair and equal justice.

“The National Bar Association is adamant about the desire for transformative justice and firmly believes the only way to foster systemic change is to organize, educate, and mobilize," stated President J. Meanes, President of the National Bar Association. 

Tonight, the National Bar Association will host, “The War on Police Brutality” and will discuss how the community can offer support during this difficult time, plans to execute a national economic boycott and social media blackout, request for legal reform and legal actions that will be taken against Officer Wilson.

“We question the unnecessary death of Michael Brown, the unusual consideration of more evidence than usual by the grand jury, and the subsequent failure of the grand jury to issue an indictment against Officer Wilson's use of deadly force,” stated President Meanes.

The National Bar Association also questions the makeup of the grand jury that consisted of nine Whites and only three African-Americans in a town comprised of sixty-seven percent African-Americans, based on a 2010 U.S. Census Report. The Ferguson Police force consist of only three African-Americans, however, the total force is comprised of fifty-three officers — these numbers are staggering and are not reflective of the community it should serve.

Officer Wilson's deadly use of force against an unarmed teenager still goes unanswered for in the Ferguson community. The National Bar Association wants the evidence fully weighed by a jury accurately representing a fair cross-section of Ferguson.

"The National Bar Association will not rest until Michael Brown and his family have justice," stated President Meanes. The National Bar Association will continue its fight to improve our criminal justice system and will demand that substantive changes occur. Some of the changes we plan to demand, include, but is not limited to:



  1. Demand that the US Department of Justice indict Darren Wilson
  2. National Bar Association will file an action seeking to revoke Darren Wilson's peace officer license     



  1. Independent Investigations 
  2. Stricter Standards for individuals to Become Police Officers
  3. All Standard Training Program for Police Officers to include Diversity Training.


  1. Republicans allow Congresswoman Maxine Waters to hold hearings on Police Brutality 
  2. U.S. Senate Hold hearings on Police Brutality
  3. Congress Pass laws related to: a) Body Video Cameras; b)  Use of Force; c) Elevation of Force;  d) Permanent Suspension; e) Felony Police Brutality; and f) End to the “School to Prison Pipeline


  1. Study the Impact of a National economic boycott which has a local impact 
  2. Social media blackout from 8:09 pm until 12:39 am for a week
  3. Exercise Your First Amendment Rights Until America Eradicates Police Brutality 

"The National Bar Association plans to keep the issue of Police Misconduct and Police Brutality on the top of its agenda and will call on all leaders to join in the fight against this serious issue, states President Meanes.


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