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Welcome to Issue #28

(prior warning there may be no issue on Wednesday 18th of August)

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Responsive Web Design for Teams

A great ebook (currently PDF) from Hampton & Michael Catlin discussing how to use Sass within teams on responsive website projects.


Generate icon classes from sprite using Sass

Senoir Front-End Developer Maciej Kucharski shows us how they're using Sass to generate their icon classes for sprites.

8 Tips to Help You Get the Best out of Sass

Cathy shares 8 tips on the Sitepoint blog to help make the most of Sass.

Simplifying CSS in Visual Studio With Sass

If you're using Visual Studio on Windows you may want to take a look at this course.

Know Ruby and how to increase performance?

Natalie's asking for assistance with making the Ruby version of Sass more performant. Can you help?

In Other News...

Sass Source Maps in Chrome

A great 4 minute video showing you how to get Sass 3.3's source maps setup with Chrome.

The Unexpected @extended

Jon talks us through his recent surprise at how @extend can create some pretty bad CSS if not used with due care and attention and how he solved his required CSS.

Sass Bites #46

This week Micah takes a deep dive into Susy Grids.

Fun with Colors (Sass Maps, Loops, and !global)

Chris goes through creating a colour scheme with Maps, loops and printing the colour name as content:'';.

Codepens, Repos, Sassmeister Gists and Frameworks/Boilerplates


A collection of SCSS snippets for creating SVG pattern backgrounds.

10 usefull Sass mixins for modern developers

Tomas gives us 10 mixins to add to our projects.


An opinionated and quick front-end boilerplate using Grunt developed by Google develoepr expert Todd Motto.


Essentially Todd's framework but this time using Gulp instead of Grunt from Hossein Karami.

Just a few more things...

Sass Color Functions and Color Schemes for Web Design

Asnita talks us through some custom and color functions to make a colour scheme with Sass.

A Developer’s Guide to Learning SASS in Twenty Minutes or Less

A nice post talking through the basics of what's included with Sass.

Adventures in BEM and Responsive with Sass

A nice post on using Sass with responsive web design and the pros and cons of BEM with Sass.


Sassy DC - 13th August

An evening of Gulp and NPM at the Canvas coworking space in Washington, DC.

PDX Sass - 16th August

In Portland? In August's meetup you can get aquainted with Git.

ATX Sass - 19th August

The inaugral Austin Texas Sass Meetup being held on Tuesday 19th of August. If you want to help sponsor then give them a shout.

LDN Sass - 1st October

The first Sass Meetup to be held in the UK. In London on October the 1st the aim is to get a room of like minded Sass fans to here some talks and have time to discuss their use of Sass when developing website. Currently looking for sponsorship (I'm running this one so hoping for it to go smoothly).

Conferences, Workshops & Books

SassConf 2014

The second year of SassConf, held in NYC in October. .

Introduction to SASS

The Yoobee Design School in New Zealand are holding a one day Sass workshop in Auckland on August 13th. Hot off the press news is that the organisers have been able to drop IE8 support so thwt they can reduce the ticket price.

Sass: An Introduction

On October 9th, I'll be instructing a half-day workshop - Sass: An Introduction - in Bristol prior to the full day WebDevConf on Friday 10th.

Advanced Sass

Roy Tomeij's creating a course that includes screencasts, an ebook and 1-to-1 on advanced Sass. Signup with the link provided to find out more.

Sass in the Real world

Buy Dale and Kinoash's book on Sass in the real world as each section becomes available. Currently the first section is available.

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