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Chillaton Newsletter - October 2014

Milton Abbot, Chillaton and Kelly Neighbourhood Plan [MACKPlan]

Everyone should have received a leaflet explaining why we need to have a neighbourhood development plan and why the planning team needs your support.  If you haven’t, please call 860378 or use the ‘Contact us’ button on the village website at or better still, read the leaflet on the new MACKPlan website at 
Just last week, the need to have a neighbourhood plan became even more apparent, as West Devon Borough Council began discussions with parish councils about the allocation of targets for new housing. In our parish, that is likely to mean 20 – 30 new homes being built over the next 15 years, mainly in Milton Abbot. We will now be able to identify the sites to be developed, determine what local housing needs will be met and influence the design of what’s built.  We will have a really significant impact on this issue that cannot be ignored; something that would have been impossible without MACKPlan, our neighbourhood plan.
To get that right, we need local people to get involved. So, if you can, please come to the initial meeting next Thursday at 7.30pm at Milton Abbot village hall when the MACKPlan process, which will not be run by the Parish Council, will be launched.
Even if you don’t want to join the MACKPlan team, your support is vital.  As are your views, especially if you think we should be doing things differently.
Please think about joining the MACKPlan team, even if you’re only going to attend the first briefing session on the 21st October and make your mind up then. Nobody will have to make any specific commitment about their contribution to the work of the team and the whole process will be flexible and informal.  Do please give it a try!

OctobeQuiz – Chichester Arms - 22nd October - 8pm

Shaun McDermott from Tavistock Pannier Market has set himself the challenge of running 31 quizzes in 31 venues across the 31 days of October...all in the aid of St Luke's Hospice. He will be at the Chichester Arms on Wednesday 22nd October.

Proposed wind turbine at Ramsdown, Milton Abbot

At a special meeting on Tuesday, the Parish Council decided to object to the application to install a 250ft turbine on Ramsdown, overlooking Milton Abbot.  Details of the objection and the reason for it can be found in the minutes of that meeting, which are on the village website, or on West Devon Borough Council’s website..
(Note: Picture shown is not intended to represent the development)

Vehicle activated speed warning signs

We were successful in getting funding for two flashing signs in Chillaton and the exact locations have now been agreed with Devon Highways.  One will go on the grass verge before you get to Marlow Crescent coming from Lifton and one will replace the ‘road narrows’ sign on the road from Lewdown.  The road narrows sign and its partner sign outside the old school house will be removed soon.  The flashing signs will be ordered as soon as a quotation has been accepted and installation should be within eight weeks from placing an order.

Harvest Festival

A reminder that there will be a Harvest Festival service at Marystowe Church on Sunday, 5th October  at 9.45am.  Coffee will be served in the church after the service.
All gifts of fruit, vegetables, dried or tinned food collected beforehand or at this service will be donated to The Shekinah Mission in Plymouth.
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