New priest for Marystow, Parish Council Meeting

Chillaton Newsletter - August 2014

St Mary’s Church, Marystowe

Plymouth born and bred Andy Atkins has been appointed new Vicar for Marystowe.  Andy is married to Sarah and they have a 6 yr old son, Joab.

Since Ordination in 2011, Andy has been an Assistant Curate in a parish in Exeter, and also served as an “On-call” chaplain at the R D & E hospital.  He takes communion at two care homes and weekly assembly at the local C of E primary school. Andy also helps to run the soup kitchen at St David’s Church in Exeter.

Andy has first-hand experience of ministry in a rural community and believes that the pattern of worship should match the church and people.

He is very much looking forward to coming to the Milton Abbot benefice and hopes to be here by the end of November.

Parish Council meeting 3rd September – Marystowe Church Hall 7.30pm

You can find the agenda for this meeting and more details about all the items referred to below, on the Chillaton website at

Below are some brief details of the issues that affect Chillaton

Proposed wind turbine at Cardwell Farm

The Parish Council was asked to give its opinion on the range of issues to be considered when an Environmental Impact Assessment is carried out on the proposed turbine.

The pre-application consultation period has now ended and the Parish Council has yet to receive the results of that exercise.  It is not now expected to consider the outcome until its meeting on 5th November.
(Note: Picture shown is not intended to represent the development)

Flashing speed warning signs

Milton Abbot and Lifton Parish Councils are making a joint application for a grant to provide speed warning signs in Chillaton and in Lifton.  The Parish Council already has funds to buy one sign and if we get this grant, we can have one on the road from Lewdown and one on the road from Lifton.

Four industrial Units at Hayedown

Although the Parish Council supports the operation of the Hayedown industrial estate because it creates opportunities for local employment, it objected to an application for four new industrial units because there were no limits on additional HGV journeys to the site proposed by the applicant and the hours of operation were too long.
(Note: Picture shown is not intended to represent the development)

Neighbourhood Plan

The formal process to create a plan for this area has started, a grant for initial costs has been obtained and the Parish Council will be asked to approve a leaflet to be issued to all residents, before a public meeting to launch the plan, at the end of September or early October. 

Community Assets

An average of 31 pubs close for good each week in the UK.  Things like village halls, pubs, shops, etc. make a big contribution to the quality of community life.  This was recognised when parish councils were given powers to identify these ‘Community Assets’ and ask district councils to register them.  If they are registered, then before one can be sold on the open market, the local community gets a chance to make a bid to buy it, if it wants to.

The Parish Council is going to consider whether or not to request the Borough Council to register all the ‘Community Assets’ in its area.

Mobile phone signal boosters

Vodafone will provide signal booster units for up to 100 villages, in a new programme to deal with rural locations that have little or no mobile reception.  Several residents have already volunteered to have units installed and if our application is successful, Chillaton would get a reliable 3G phone signal.  However, it would only be available to Vodafone subscribers.

The Parish Council is being asked to support the application and to consider funding the electricity costs involved, estimated to be between £180-£300 a year, depending on the number of units installed. Although we have had six offers to host the masts, it would be useful to get a feel for the level of interest in the community for this service. If we had a good signal in Chillaton, would you switch to Vodafone?  Please feed back using the contact page on the Chillaton Website
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