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Chichester Arms Renovations

As many of you are aware, when Justin and Jo took over the Chichester Arms in 2013, they had high hopes of making it a successful venture, however despite pouring a significant amount of their own money into the building, they have continued to find structural issues that have exhausted their reserves.

They are now in a difficult situation where the pub is not attracting customers as a result of the environment and without customers, they cannot afford to improve the environment.

It will also come as no surprise to learn that the living accommodation is also in dire need of renovation, to the point where it is almost uninhabitable.  In order to gather the funds that they need to make the pub into the business they envisaged, Justin and Jo now intend to seek alternative employment and use the money that they earn to complete the renovations that the building desperately needs.

In order to make the space for them to do this, they intend to move the living accommodation downstairs so that they can renovate the upstairs to bring it back to a habitable state for themselves and to turn it into B&B accommodation with a view to generating income.  Once the upstairs is fit for habitation, they intend to recommence work on the downstairs, again funded by their external employment.

Whilst Jo and Justin are working and the building is being renovated, they intend to close the Chichester Arms.

At this time, Jo and Justin are estimating a closure of  'about 6 months', but that will depend on what they find when they start renovating and how the work progresses.
It is still the intention to turn the building into an attractive dining, B&B and pub experience and we should be assured that the closure will only last as long as it takes to do this.

I am sure that we all wish them the very best in their endeavours.

Vodafone Rural Sure Signal

The Vodafone Technical Team will be in the area on Monday 12th January to view the properties that we offered for the system and check viability. Once they have done this, they will be in a better position to advise on the best solution, which may be improvements to mast location, or the rural SureSignal devices. 


There will be the last quiz for a while at the Chichester Arms this Wednesday at 8pm. The usual fun and fantastic prizes. This week there is the possibility that first prize is a fortnight in a villa in the Algarve.

Post Office

Following the news of the pub closure, it will not be possible for the Post Office to  continue to operate from the Pub while works are carried out.  Their last day here will be Thursday 29th January, unless we can find alternative premises.
Their needs are simple; a room with a table.  The Post Office provide a separate power supply and a separate phone line.  These terminate in a small locked metal box that is wall-mounted.  Ideally, the room would not be in someone’s house, but in an outbuilding.  That’s to avoid any security issues for the homeowner and to enable the Post Office to operate while owners are away.
If you have or know of a possible solution, do please call either Howard Asbridge on 860378 or Mary or Steve at Gunnislake Post Office on 832297.  [Gunnislake P.O. runs our service.]
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