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Road safety in Chillaton

Two distressing incidents have occurred recently, that highlight the need for us to continue to look for opportunities to increase road safety in the village.

A much-loved cat was run over and killed on Saturday morning, near to Rock, on the road from Lewdown.
A few days earlier, two local residents were forced to fall backwards onto the verge to avoid being run over.  A tractor and a van were approaching each other on the road to Lifton. Neither would give way and at the last moment, one of them swerved towards the pedestrians.

We now have the speed signs working again, having been fitted with improved battery boxes and larger batteries.  Improved software to monitor the speed of all vehicles passing the signs is also being developed, to give more useful information to the police, who can then deploy mobile speed cameras to catch offenders at times when they are likely to be passing through the village.

When the Police operate speed cameras in any village, they usually catch far more local residents than anyone else.  Would that happen here?

If you notice that the signs are obviously not working, please call Howard Asbridge on 01822 860378, so that re-charged batteries can be installed without delay.

Traffic Management in Chillaton

For a couple of years now, Devon Highways have been asked to approve various improvements in road layout and markings in the village.  This is against the background of virtually no resources to fund this kind of work.

Nevertheless, the position has now been reached where Highways are prepared to consider the following improvements, having already agreed to the two speed signs we now have:
  • no centre line carriageway markings in the 30mph zone.  This decreases the confidence of motorists that they can pass each other and reduces road speeds.
  • gateways on some, but not all roads into the village, to make drivers more aware that they are entering a residential area.
  • a pedestrian refuge near the bridge in the Square, to improve safety for those waiting to cross the Lewdown to Tavistock road.
However, apart from the removal of the carriageway markings, which would be done when the roads are resurfaced next year, Highways won't pay for the work involved.

Chillaton parish councillors will now be looking at the details of what the Highway Authority is prepared, or not prepared, to approve and trying to refine those ideas to create the maximum benefit for residents.  Detailed proposals will then be put forward for your consideration.  Once we have a scheme that is the best we could get and would be approved if the money was available, we can seek sponsorship from a variety of sources.

Can you spare hour or so, to lay some new gravel in Marystowe churchyard?

Thanks to our willing helpers, we have put down new gravel on the paths in the churchyard. Unfortunately, we didn’t have quite enough gravel, so we have ordered some more. If you can you spare an hour or so to help us,we'd be grateful. Just come along on Saturday 17th October at 10am.

We'll provide the coffee and cake!
It would be great if you could bring any of the following: a wheelbarrow, shovel, rake and your gardening gloves.
Phone Margaret Dunn on 01566 783779 for more details
The Rev. Andy Atkins will be formally 'instituted' by the Archdeacon of Plymouth, as our new Vicar, during a service with Holy Communion this Sunday,18th October, at Marystowe Church.

All are welcome. The service starts at 9.30am.
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