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Affordable Housing

The Parish Council has been approached by a developer who wants to build some affordable housing at Milton Abbot.  We need to decide how to take this forward.  We will also hear of the progress being made to re-design the housing needs survey form to make it more suitable for rural locations such as ours.

Influencing Services

The idea is to monitor whether or not we get the services that West Devon Borough Council is paying contractors to deliver to us.  For example, in Chillaton we should have the roads swept every eight weeks.  That hasn’t happened since monitoring started, but that may be due to the adverse weather recently.  What has been agreed is that the sections of roads without pavements in Chillaton will be regarded as high priority areas, for more frequent sweeping during the autumn leaf fall.
The Parish Council will be looking further at this approach and seeing how it can be extended to other service areas.

Parish Council News

We have a meeting on Thursday this week [20th] at Milton Abbot Village Hall, starting at 7.30pm.  As usual, there will be an open session at the start of the meeting where any resident can raise any parish matter.
Because there is so much on the agenda, there will be another Parish Council meeting on 5th March to deal with anything not considered on Thursday.  Below are the key issues to be discussed.  For more information and details of all the items, please go to the village website by clicking here 

Wind Turbines

Following a public meeting organised by MARBAKE about the 250 ft high wind turbine proposed on Ramsdown, near Milton Abbot, the Parish Council will consider its response to this idea and to an associated annual community benefit payment of £4,500 suggested by the developers.
No application for planning permission has yet been made; this is a pre-application consultation, as required under new rules introduced by the Government last year.
The proposed turbine is in addition to one already the subject of a planning application at Beckwell Farm, Meadwell.  Another 250 ft high turbine is starting the pre-application consultation stage; this would be at Ridgemount Farm near the road from Tinhay towards Chillaton and a further one is proposed nearby.  The Lifton Farm Shop has now won its appeal for a larger turbine to replace its existing one.

Extension of refuse transfer station – Hayedown

Roger Sparling has applied to Devon County Council to extend the existing waste transfer building at Hayedown.  The aim is to improve the working environment and enable a stockpile of sorted material to be better laid out.  The existing throughput of the transfer station would remain the same at 75,000 tonnes.
Full details can be found here . The Parish Council will consider what response to make to Devon County Council.

Review of Standing Orders

I will spare you the details as they are very dull, but we need to make some procedural changes so that the work of the Parish Council, especially as regards its consideration of planning applications, is better organised and more transparent.

Frequency of meetings

Because the Parish Council has a lot more work to do at the moment and has to respond quickly to things like major planning applications, we are going to see whether meeting more frequently would be helpful.

Neighbourhood Plan

We deferred this last year, because of the pressure of other work and now need to see how we can make progress on this issue.  Given the number of applications for planning permission around at the moment or in prospect, the need to determine our own priorities for development is becoming more and more important.


Howard Asbridge
Acting Parish Clerk
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