Whatever happened to MACKPlan?
Remember last year when there was a public meeting about setting up a neighbourhood development plan called MACKPlan and you signed up to receive email newsletters?  Or, you may have done so at a meeting about a wind turbine proposal.
Either way, it then went rather quiet.  But, that’s not to say that nothing’s been happening.  In fact, the MACKPlan team has:
  • Had initial training from a planning consultant on how to set about producing the plan.
  • Produced a consultation plan and a project plan, which sound rather dull but are necessary tools for us to manage the plan process properly.
  • Put together an on-line survey, which we’d now like you to complete.  Please see below to find out why and how.
  • Set up a forum on the MACKPlan website, where news and views on the plan’s progress [or lack of it] can be expressed.
What’s next?
The MACKPlan team is already working on creating an ‘evidence base’.  That’s jargon for information and statistics about our area, as well as existing planning policies and so on.  We need it because we have to base MACKPlan on facts, not just what we think is the case.
We have applied for a grant to allow us to employ our planning consultant again, to help us with that evidence base and to cover the day to day costs of running the plan process, printing etc.
We will soon be working on the questionnaire that will be going to everyone who lives in the plan area.  That’s a key part of producing MACKPlan, because knowing what people want to see happen in the future will influence every aspect of the plan.
Survey time
We will shortly send out that questionnaire to every household in the MACKPlan area, asking what residents think about a whole range of issues such as housing and the environment. We need to make the questions we ask as relevant as possible, because we will only issue one questionnaire.

To help us ask the right questions, we would like you to complete a short on-line survey that will help us understand how important [or not] are the issues we have identified, or if we've missed something altogether.

So, please help us by clicking
and completing the survey.  We really need your help and it won’t take long.
Howard Asbridge
MACKPlan Team
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