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The issues that matter

We saw a breakthrough in Springfield on Wednesday, despite Rauner's 'budget' address, which simply rehashed his ongoing war on working people: House Bill 557, calling for an elected representative school board for the people of Chicago, was passed out of committee by a vote of 15-9. That same morning, Chicago public school students, parents, community residents and teachers staged 'walk-ins' at more than a hundred neighborhood schools across the city to bring critical attention to the need to invest public dollars in our neighborhood schools instead of giveaways to wealthy, politically connected elites.

The lack of democracy in our school system is closely entwined to the urgent need for equitable funding for public education across the state. And while my opponent may claim to oppose Illinois' right-wing billionaire governor, the fact remains that he -- like Rauner -- has refused to address the elephant in the room: the chronic underfunding of public education across the state, which is languishing under a monstrous structural deficit driven by corporate loopholes and an inequitable education funding formula that starves all but the most property-rich districts of desperately needed funds for the education of our young people.

The Chicago Reporter's Curtis Black wrote a brilliant article last week that explains what we mean when we call out Rauner 'Democrats': candidates who are bankrolled by large donations from Rauner's wealthy allies and from groups backing school privatization and pension cuts. "Mitchell has been one of the top recipients of funds both statewide and nationally from Stand For Children, a group brought to Illinois by Rauner in an effort to undercut union influence and bargaining rights; it’s backed by a bevy of billionaires including Republican Ken Griffin," wrote Black.

It's not enough to just talk a populist line, as Rauner attempted to do on Wednesday and as Mitchell has done more than once. You have to walk the walk -- and stand with working people on the votes and the issues that really matter: support for neighborhood public schools -- not corporate school privatizers; protecting the retirement security of our seniors -- not voting away their hard-earned pensions; and being accountable first and foremost to the ordinary working families who are the backbone of our neighborhoods.

I'm committed to bringing a truly progressive agenda -- the people's agenda -- to Springfield for the residents of our district. I know we'll succeed on March 15 with your support. We'll be phone banking and canvassing all weekend, so join us if you can!

Jay Travis 
Jay with Kenneth Franklin, President of Amalgamated Transit Union LOCAL 308 , one of our campaign's newest endorsers. Local 308 is one of the largest -- and oldest --  rail labor organizations in the ATU, founded in 1902 and today representing over 3,600 multi-classifications, from train conductors to rail janitors. Their union's core principles link powerfully with the values of our campaign: "Our purpose is unity. Our struggle is for the betterment of our members' working conditions, health and welfare. Our standing is solidarity." Thank you, Local 308 members, for your tremendous support!
Missed the Tuesday deadline to register to vote online? It's not too late! From Feb. 17 through Feb. 28, Chicago voters can register and vote in person at the Chicago Election Board, 69 W. Washington St., using the city's "Grace Period" system. Bring two IDs with one that shows your current address. And from Feb. 29 through March 14, Chicago voters can register and vote in person at any of the city's 51 Early Voting locations. Click this link to find locations and more information.

Photo by Tony Webster, Portland, Oregon.

Let's get out the vote!

We'll win on March 15 if we can get our vote out -- and we will with the support of volunteers like you! Help us work the phones or hit the streets to talk to voters, stuff envelopes or help with office work. We need you this weekend! 

Saturday, Feb. 20 from 10 AM - 1 PM | Sunday, Feb. 21 from 4 PM - 7 PM.
RSVP at 773-285-9801 or email 

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We're organizing a growing number of house parties, fundraisers and 'friendraisers' -- and you can be a part of that effort! To learn more, call us at 773-285-9801 or email You can also donate directly to our campaign at this link.

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Engaging voters on critical issues. 

Safe and affordable housing for our seniors and families, living wage jobs, quality education for all children in the district, preserving the pension promises made to retirees: these are some of the core issues voters in the 26th District care about -- issues that Jay will champion in Springfield.
Check out Jay's website for news about her platform, her work and her commitment to fighting for progressive legislation and policy in Springfield.


Jay Travis is a community organizer, Bronzeville native and lifelong Chicagoan -- sister, aunt, granddaughter, neighbor. We need new representation in Springfield from the 26th district that cares about ALL of our residents -- leadership that's progressive, honest and accountable to working families, not billionaire interests.

Our residents have a right to quality public education, living wage work, and retirement with dignity and respect. Now more than ever, we need steadfast legislative champions prepared to stand with us -- on every critical vote -- to address the issues that matter most to our families and communities. Jay Travis will bring those principles to the state capital -- and stand true to a progressive platform in EVERY vote and on EVERY issue.
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