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Last week, at its annual ISNTD Water conference, the International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases was delighted to launch its ISNTD Water Awards, rewarding outstanding innovations in WASH with significant impact on tropical diseases.

The aim of the ISNTD Water Awards is to reward and highlight the work of a collaborative cohort of organisations each contributing to a specific aspect of WASH & NTD collaboration.

We are thrilled to announce that this year's ISNTD Water 2016 winners & categories are:

Research – WASH: University of Energy & Natural Resources Ghana (Dr. Samuel Gyasi Fosu)
This award recognizes for the University of Energy & Natural Resources:
• the scope of research across water, sanitation and diseases
• the contribution to understanding the mode of transmission in Buruli Ulcer infections
• the measurable impact on environmental hygiene & behavioural sanitation

Research – NTDs: Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (Dr. Suzy Campbell)
This award recognizes for the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine:
• the highly collaborative approach across diseases

• the establishment of strong international research partnerships
• the development of rigorous data collection systems
• the measurable evaluation of environmental hygiene & behaviour change

Water Innovation: Solvatten (Petra Wadström)
This award recognizes for Solvatten:
• the extraordinary impact on global health as well as the Sustainable Development Goals
• the measurable impact on hygiene & behaviour change
• the quality of design
• the commitment to a sustainable business model

Sanitation Innovation: UNESCO-IHE (Mariska Ronteltap)
This award recognizes for UNESCO-IHE:
• the development of ground-breaking technology as part of the eSOS project
• the direct impact to several Sustainable Development Goals through WASH innovation
• the scope and reach of water capacity development worldwide
• the highly collaborative and international approach

Technology: Initiative: Eau (Donald Brooks)
This award recognizes for Initiative: Eau and the WASHmobile:
• the use of robust processes to treat and monitor water quality
• the development of rigorous analysis and data systems to inform policy
• the data driven and connected approach to conditions of poverty
• the scope and reach of water capacity development worldwide
• the highly collaborative and international approach

Data: Village Water (Ian Stone)
This award recognizes for Village Water:
• the innovative Village Information Monitoring (VIM) system for data collection
• the scalability of the system cross-discipline
• the commitment to measuring impact & monitoring of both WASH and health targets
• a commitment to collaboration with other organisations for the development of data sharing processes

Cross-disease collaboration: Lepra (Maartje Pronk)
This award recognizes for Lepra:
• the highly collaborative approach across diseases (leprosy & lymphatic filariasis)
• the measurable impact on behavior and hygiene
• the establishment of real-time data collection systems

Community engagement: CBM (Muhammad Babar Qureshi)
This award recognizes for CBM:
• the measurable and long-term impact on trachoma prevalence
• the commitment to ensuring ownership at community level
• the originality and diversity of community engagement strategies
• the highly collaborative and international approach

Behaviour change & communication: Unilever Lifebuoy & Sightsavers (Shivani Naidoo & Beatrice Wasunna)
This award recognizes for Unilever Lifebuoy’s & Sightsavers’ “Super School of Five” collaborative initiative:
• the extraordinary breadth and scope of outreach in terms of communication
• the measurable impact on behavior and hygiene
• the significant reduction in trachoma prevalence
• the highly collaborative approach

Funding: Carter Centre
This award recognizes for The Carter Centre:
• the outstanding & long-term commitment to Guinea Worm disease control
• the measurable impact on disease prevalence, behavior and hygiene
• continued technical & financial support to national programs
• the international and highly collaborative approach

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