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It's been a very busy week, with the publication of Millie Slavidou's wonderful book on Christmas traditions in Greece, and the final touches being put to the next #12Women book, 12 Awesome Women of the Stage, which is due for release on Wednesday 18th November. It brings awesome women of the stage out of the wings, and puts them in the spotlight - which they all so richly deserve. 

I've also been busy writing about the wonderful women that I met at the #PrettyCurious event last week in Glasgow. Those articles coming up pretty soon! 

If you aren't a member of the Jump! Parents Facebook Group, do pop in and say hello. The idea behind this is to enable us to chat openly, without our entire Facebook contacts seeing our posts. While it's a private group, anyone can join, so obviously risks of oversharing and privacy still apply, but at least you can ask questions about parenting without MIL, all your neighbours and a dozen aunties joining in! 

Thank you for reading, and for your support. 

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Lynn Schreiber
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It's been a good few years since I first wrote a post on a well-known parenting website, asking if anyone would like to contribute to a online magazine for girls, 'no fluff, no pink, no horses'. Since then, the magazine has grown and been expanded to include boys, we've published books, started a parenting site... and I'm still being told off for rejecting pink. 

To set the record straight, I've written about my feelings on the colour pink, and why I don't hate it, which you can read here on Jump! Parents.

One of the reasons that I love being a freelance writer, is that I can arrange my working hours around my commitment to my family. In the past years, I've met many women who have chosen self-employment for similar reasons. Not only for practical reasons; being your own boss also means that you can follow your dreams. Our guest blogger this week Nisha Patel wrote about how her life changed after the births of her daughters, and how she wants to be a role model for her girls
Available in print for the first time - a revised and expanded edition of our popular story for children.

Find out about the Greek Christmas traditions and customs, through the eyes of British teen, Lucy Evans. 
One of the things that I'm passionate about, is encouraging children to look beyond their borders, and find out about other cultures and traditions. In the run up to Christmas, we will be taking our young readers on a magical mystery tour of countries around the world, to find out how other kids celebrate the festive season.
This week we started with Germany, as it's the country that I know best, other than my homeland. After living there for many years, I've come to know and love the Adventszeit, and all the festive customs. One word to describe this time would be gemütlich - cosy and comforting. Find out why kids set their boots outside their doors on 5th December, and how to bake biscuits called Spitzbüben - literally translated as 'mischievous boy'! 

Our second post of the week explains why the English pronunciation of certain words differs so greatly from other European languages, despite the words having the same root. Why do we say information so differently to the French or Italians? It's all down to the Great Vowel Shift, and expert linguist Millie Slavidou explains what this is, and when it happened. 
Here at JumpHQ we tried out my mother-in-law's tried and tested family recipe for German cookies - watch the video here! 
This week on our Facebook Group we've been discussing... 
The achievements of this young girl, and the balance between encouraging our kids, and pushing them too far. 

This resource was shared by a member of our group, on talking to kids about upsetting events, after the terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut. 

Talking to your kids about the BIG S. Have they asked yet, and if so, what did you say?

Get folding papers, with these fab origami books, recommended by Emily from International Elf Service, for all age groups. 
Every week in our newsletter, I'd like to highlight a charity or organisation that is doing something wonderful, or could use our help. Obviously, it's impossible to donate to every charity, but you can help by sharing the link with others on social media. If you would like me to share a charity next week, please let me know (but no sponsored or individual go-fund-me type campaigns please). 

In the run up to Christmas, spare a moment to think of the women and children who are facing an uncertain and less than merry festive season. Women who flee domestic violence with their children, who lack funds for presents, and are living in temporary accommodation, with recent trauma to overcome, desperately want to give their children a small slice of normality. You can help by donating to the John Lewis Gift List via Refuge. Please help these families have a Happy Christmas, and a much better start into the New Year. 
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