May 2020 (Quarantine Edition)
Volume 8, Number 5
Please send examples of global learning in Seattle's international schools or exciting international opportunities for students and teachers to

In This Issue

  • Essential Worker Art from McDonald Intl. Students
  • Beacon Hill Intl. Publishes an Online Newspaper
  • Support Seattle's Global Ed Nonprofits
  • International Education Washington Newsletter
  • Girls' Voices
  • CIEE Online Language Classes
  • National Geographic Explorer Classroom 
  • Students Rebuild Hunger Challenge
  • East Asia Resource Center Online Programs
  • Stevens Initiative Resource List
  • Summer PD with Primary Source

Student Global Learning Opportunities

OneWorld Now Online Introductory Language Courses
Application due May 7

The Experiment Digital
Application due May 20

For a list of student travel opportunities, click here.

Teacher Travel Opportunities

For a list of funded teacher travel opportunities, click here.


Global Talk Archives



Please subscribe to Global Talk to receive updates on travel opportunities for students and teachers. Many of the programs are fully funded!

The Global Talk e-newsletter is sent out monthly during the school year. You can also find up-to-date information about travel opportunities on the CSIHS Global Programs web page.

Essential Worker Hero Portraits by McDonald International Students

Students at McDonald International School studied hero portraits in both historical and contemporary art. Examining portraits from the past and present, they examined how our definition of “hero” has changed over time, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic. After analyzing Jorge Garza’s recent Aztec-style portraits of various essential workers, students created their own hero portraits in honor of the variety of workers on the frontlines of this pandemic.

The Heroes in Art lesson video and instructions, featuring McDonald art teacher Amanda Rengli, can be found here.

Teachers at McDonald International also sent students a video of their school song, written by 2nd grade teacher, Carlen Luke. Click here to see the video. 

Beacon Hill International Students Publish Tiger Times At Home Edition

The 5th Grade Global Leadership Team (GLT) at Beacon Hill International School has been meeting virtually to keep their school newspaper going during the school closure. The first meeting was with about fifteen students and they now have a regular group of thirty who meet online every Wednesdays and collaborate with each other through Schoology. All but two out of the forty-two students on the GLT are now connected with a Schoology course, thanks to all the hard work of teachers and support staff making sure students had access to technology, internet, and tech support. Their last group of students waiting for technology recently received laptops from the Amazon donation.

The GLT has published four editions of the Tiger Times since the school closure began. Students decide what they want to write about and go for it! It is 100% student driven. There is a student editor who combines the submitted articles and student artwork together in the newspaper template and does all the proofreading and editing. She then sends it to their faculty sponsors for final review before it is shared with the school community. 

Click here to read the latest issue of Tiger Times

Support Global Ed Nonprofit Partners

We are very fortunate in Seattle to be able to work with some amazing nonprofit global education organizations. Here are a few updates from our Seattle-based global ed partners. Please keep them in mind for Give Big Washington on Wednesday, May 6th.

Register now for introductory language classes with OWN!

With schools closed, OneWorld Now is adapting their programming to ensure that even more students can access learning opportunities. During this three-week program, students will learn beginning Modern Standard ArabicKorean, or Russian language for 1.5 hours, two days a week. Learn how to greet others, introduce yourself, and read and write some of the alphabet.

The next class session will run from May 11th – May 27th. Classes available for this session include:
  • Introduction to Arabic: Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30pm – 4pm Pacific Time
  • Introduction to Korean: Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm – 5:30pm Pacific Time
  • Introduction to Russian: Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm – 5:30pm Pacific Time
These classes are open to all high school students.There are also a few spots open for educators. Register by Thursday, May 7th at midnight PST to secure your spot! 

OneWorld Now will also be offering credit-bearing language classes this summer. The classes will be primarily online, but they will have some supplemental in-person programming if conditions allow. They have a signup link on their homepage if students want to be notified when registration opens for these classes. 

Join Global Visionaries for their live streamed auction and gala on Saturday, May 30th from 8-9 pm. Click on the graphic above for more details. 

Global Visionaries has posted a list of recommended social distancing activities for youth. Check out the list here.

Global Competence Certificate Program

The World Affairs Council’s Global Classroom Program supports students in the development of global competency and global citizenship. With the challenge of school closings due to COVID-19, the World Affairs Council is partnering with the Washington State Coalition for International Education, UW Center for Global Studies, and Seattle Public Schools International Schools Leadership Team to provide resources for students to pursue the development of a Global Competence Certificate Portfolio. This program allows students to develop, reflect, and demonstrate their global competency in our increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. The Global Competence Certificate Portfolio is open to all high school students. Click here for more details.

In order to fulfill certificate requirements, students will reflect on their experiences in three key competencies:
  • Global Learning
  • International Engagement
  • Language and Intercultural Learning
There are some upcoming Zoom sessions to talk with experienced teacher/coaches on International Education. Students, teachers, parents and interested community members are welcome to attend once or many times to explore ideas or ask for feedback.

Support the Foundation for International Understanding Through Students (FIUTS)

While the big bash has passed, you can still support FIUTS' efforts to foster international understanding and intercultural connections. Here is a message from FIUTS:

We are currently less than $6,000 short of our stretch goal of $50,000, so you are still welcome to make a gift and help us continue to work towards our goal. Our limited edition merchandise will also still be available to order until May 5. And of course, beyond this campaign, we always welcome support of our work fostering international understanding and intercultural connections - which we believe is more important now than ever.

While this continues to be a time of uncertainty for our organization and others worldwide, we are optimistic that with the support of our global community, we will emerge stronger than ever. Thank you for helping us to create a more peaceful world. We’re all in this together.

Digital Exchange Program for High School Students - Apply by May 20th

Designed to connect hundreds of young people across the U.S. with peers in Iraq, Algeria, Yemen, and other countries in the Middle East and North Africa Region, The Experiment Digital prepares participants to be more civically engaged and lead change. This fully funded eight-week summer virtual experience teaches students to formulate and implement service projects in their local communities. Students come away from the program with: 
  • An enhanced understanding and practice of leadership
  • Increased involvement in civil society and volunteering
  • Mutual understanding between youth from different cultures
The Experiment Digital, a pioneer in virtual exchange programming, launched in 2016. The program draws upon best practices in experiential learning accumulated over decades of Experiment programming. Originally launched to connect Experimenters with students in countries to which travel and traditional programs were not possible, The Experiment Digital is now providing a critical outlet for global cross-cultural exchange in a time of crisis.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive a Certificate of Completion in Leadership & Global Issues Analysis, access to the U.S. Department of State’s International Alumni Network, unique project funding opportunities from the U.S. Department of State, and a $400 scholarship for summer 2021 towards participation in one of The Experiment in International Living’s programs around the world.

There is a virtual information session on Tuesday, May 5th at 3:00 PM EST about The Experiment Digital with recent alumni and staff.
Join when it’s time here or call 1 415.655.0001
The event number is 614 448 354 and the event password is PRkSpeA7D67.

Click here for more details on the Experiment Digital. 

Stay Connected with the International Education Washington Newsletter

The Washington State Coalition for International Education was formed in spring 2003 as an affiliation of individuals and organizations committed to preparing all students for today’s interconnected world.
Learn more About the Coalition…

All educators and stakeholders in International/Global Education are invited to join! We will be posting more opportunities to support students and teachers to make global connections, even during this time of “social distancing.” The Coalition will also help community organizations and schools get the word out about future events and opportunities, once we are in a position to gather together in person again. 

How do I join?

  • Sign up now for the WSCIE newsletter.
  • Visit the Events page to find out about events that are happening now virtually or will happen in the future in person.
  • If you have future events you would like shared, email the information to:

Join the Girls' Voices Movement

Girls’ Voices Movement provides girls an online community to learn how to creatively express their story using digital media. The photography and videography courses are led by professional women directors and photographers, and can be taken at any time. Girls are offered creative prompts, and can share photography and videos for supportive feedback and artistic encouragement. All girls who participate can become eligible for our contests and prizes, and the prompts build towards creating a culminating project. 

A new opportunity from Girl’s Voices
During the coronavirus pandemic, women and girls globally are expected to do three times as much unpaid care work for their families and communities. Meanwhile, they are more likely than men to have informal or low-paying jobs that are at risk of disappearing, and school-aged girls are less likely to have access to an education.
So, we thought: let’s invite girls throughout the world to share what keeps them hopeful during this difficult time, and share those messages of hope in a public display of support for women everywhere. Share your message, and you could win a $100 Visa gift card for yourself and a donation made in your name to support girls in need affected by COVID-19.
Step One: Get Hopeful
Think of what is giving you hope right now. Are your friends giving you hope? Your family? A piece of art? A flower sprouting in your backyard? Something completely different? Each of us finds hope in different ways!
Step Two: Lights, Camera, Action!
Record a selfie video or upload an edited clip that answers the question: How do I stay hopeful at this difficult time? Bonus points: give thanks to women and girls everywhere for keeping us all safe!
Step Three: Spread Hope
When you’re finished recording, you’ll be asked to fill out our entry form and upload your video. THANK YOU—you’ve added your voice to the global Girls’ Voices community.

Click here for more info.

CIEE's High School Summer Abroad
(Now Online)

On April 2nd, CIEE announced that all summer study abroad programs (with the exception of 8 programs that they are continuing to monitor) are cancelled. They have decided to take their Language and Culture curriculum online this summer. The online courses will be delivered live and in real-time by teachers in France and Spain, and students will earn students 3 college credits from Tulane University for their coursework. Every weekday for five weeks, students will connect in a virtual classroom (Zoom) with a CIEE language instructor in France or Spain and up to 15 other U.S. classmates for two hours of engaging language instruction. Each lesson is designed to get students talking and interacting, while building intercultural competence and investigating the target culture.

The online programs will run from July 6 to August 7 for a total of 50 hours of live instruction and 53 hours of self-directed practice through Canvas. This course is open to students with at least a 2.5 GPA and at least one year of high school Spanish or French – any current high school student can enroll, not just students who were previously confirmed to study abroad with CIEE. Tuition for the course is $2,100 and includes the Tulane transcript processing fees and STAMP pre and post assessment.

Applications are due May 20. You can start you application here: If you have any questions, please reach out to Nicole Sprague at

Connect Online with National Geographic Explorers Every Weekday at 11 am PDT

Join National Geographic live every weekday to learn from scientists and researchers from around the world. Events are free and open to the public.

Upcoming guests

May 4th: Join “Canopy Meg” Lowman to see the beauty and wonder of the rainforest, and learn how to do your part to protect it for years to come.

May 7th: Join biologist and animal tracking expert Lucy Hawkes to learn about the amazing animals she works with.

May 8th: Join Ocean Ecologist Joanatha Giddens to learn about her global deep-sea research project. 

Click here for the full lineup.

Join Students Rebuild Hunger Challenge

Tens of millions of children around the world go to bed hungry or malnourished each night—but you can help change that. For every artwork you create between now and June 26, 2020, the Bezos Family Foundation will make a donation to programs fighting hunger.

Part art project, part philanthropy, part immersion in global learning, Seattle-based Students Rebuild Challenges connect K-12 students worldwide in a common effort to make a difference, while giving educators the tools and flexibility to teach their way.

For more information about the current challenge, click here

East Asia Resource Center's Online Programs for K-12 Teachers

The 21st Century Silk Road: China’s Belt and Road Initiative
NCTA 2020 Online Program
May 14, 2020, 4-6 PM

Join University of Washington Professor David Bachman and EARC Program Leader Tese Wintz Neighbor in a discussion on one of China’s most important and impactful development strategies of the 21st Century.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative marks a major expansion in China’s growing world in international affairs. It now includes land and maritime silk roads, an arctic silk road and a digital silk road. Much of the developed world sees the Belt and Road as a Chinese strategy and power play, leading to debt traps and Chinese imperialism. But China’s motives are multiple and while there are indeed significant downsides to the Belt and Road, it is filling a number of global needs and national aspirations of the countries China works with.

David Bachman, Professor of International Studies in the Jackson School of International Studies, and former chair of the China Studies Program, will be giving a lecture on this topic, followed by a Q&A session. EARC Program Leader and China expert Tese Wintz Neighbor will present a resource package for participants.

All info and registration link here

The Aftermath of Japan’s Smallpox Epidemic
NCTA 2020 Online Program
May 21, 2020, 5-6 PM

Throughout the course of history, disease outbreaks have been a frequent disruptor across civilizations. In this online program, we will examine the aftermath of the smallpox epidemic of 735–737 that afflicted much of Japan and had significant social, economic, and religious repercussions throughout the country. Along with a brief overview of the Nara period, we will look at some examples of art, architecture and poetry to understand how the epidemic left a lasting impact on Japan’s culture and society.

This program will be led by former East Asia Resource Center Director Yurika Kurakata, who will be presenting from abroad.  During her time at the EARC, she organized and contributed to numerous Japan related programs.

This seminar is offered at no cost to current, in-service teachers, and is sponsored by the East Asia Resource Center (EARC) in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington with funding from a Freeman Foundation grant in support of the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA).

All info and registration link here

A Virtual Exchange Resource List

The Stevens Initiative, named for U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, supports virtual global student exchanges. To address a need to help educators, administrators, virtual exchange implementers and practitioners, and families adjust to digital education and learning, the Stevens Initiative developed a curated list of resources that can be used during the pandemic and in the future. The resources, which mainly focus on virtual exchange, are listed under an audience group and include an annotation to make the web page easier to navigate. Most of these resources were shared with the Stevens Initiative by virtual exchange practitioners and experts.

Click here to view the resource list. 

Summer PD with Primary Source

Primary Source offers a rich variety of professional development programs for K-12 educators, including seminars and workshops in the Boston area, online courses for more flexible learning opportunities, and free online seminars open to the public. View upcoming summer programs by clicking here.
Join Primary Source this summer for professional learning opportunities that offer new perspectives, collaborative discussions, and resources for cultivating globally-minded classrooms. All of their summer programs provide PDPs and/or graduate credits (additional fee applies), and most face-to-face courses include an online orientation and fall follow-up session.
Preparing Students for Global Citizenship
Open to all educators of grades K-12
DATES: July 8 - August 4, 2020
Global Understanding in Action: Human Rights, Educational Access & Gender Equity
Open to all educators of grades K-12
DATES: July 22 - August 12, 2020
Click here for the full list of summer programs.
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