“This is not the end,

This is not even the beginning of the end,

But perhaps, it is the end of the beginning."

-Winston Churchill quoted by David Kim at SAFA Graduation


To our Beloved Friends & Partners

In our previous update in March, we were not only able to unfold the ministry blueprint the Lord had spoken to us, but also we were also able to be transparent with our financial situation. Praise be to God, we received a number of one-time donations that sustained us until now! Thank you, to those who gave and sowed into this vision.

We wanted to take a moment to pause and to sincerely thank those who have been praying and partnering with us in our critical time of need and transition. Because of your generosity and sacrifice, we have been able to keep pressing forward!

We are still praying for monthly partners that will truly enable us to labor without hindrance before the Lord and fulfill the blueprint we feel that God has given to us. 

Since then, we have seen the faithfulness of God as well as His promises concerning us moving forward. Thank you so much for doing this journey with us and following along with our updates. We are truly thankful and know that we would not be able to do it without your prayers and financial partnership. He is worthy!

A couple of the highlights from April & May were our trip and prayer strike in Santa Maria, prayer days with our team, seeing our team grow, mobilizing /ministering to the youth of America and SAFA Graduation! Read on for pictures and testimonies from those days!

If you missed our last update with some amazing testimonies from campuses and students, click here.

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40 Day Fast: Bunker Glory// Prayer Days

“Our seasons of fasting and prayer at the Tabernacle have been high days indeed; never has Heaven’s gate stood wider; never have our hearts been nearer the central Glory.” --Charles Spurgeon
The past few months we have felt more squeezed and desperate than ever before, for a move of God in our nation.
In many ways we feel as if we can identify with Spurgeon's words and his season of fasting and prayer at the Tabernacle. Although we have felt so pressed in every way, we hold onto the words: rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation, devoted to prayer. Our past few months have been full of fasting and prevailing prayer for our nation and it's youth.

We held Prayer meetings three times a day, crying out for the youth of America, Colorado Springs, California, the mantle of Billy Graham to fall on our nation, & Stadium Christianity. These have been humble but glorious times, fasting and crying out to God.

We saw some amazing breakthrough in correlation to these prayers.


418 Santa Maria Prayer Strike & Outreach

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me,
Because He anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor.
He has sent Me to proclaim release to the captives,
And recovery of sight to the blind,
To set free those who are oppressed" Luke 4:18

Because of a word that we received, our entire Call team, including SAFA (we took our team of 22 young people in vans and cars), went to Santa Maria for ten days of prayer and fasting (coming off the heels of 40 days of fasting). Through a number of confirmations, it became clear that Santa Maria could be a womb of the next Jesus Movement in California and in America. Like those in the upper room, we tarried for ten days. It was a remarkable time of intercession, and we believe that the coming Jesus Movement will be traced back to, among other “Bethlehems,” to Santa Maria.

We had the privilege with our team to help lead prayer for this ten day strike at the Healing Rooms in Santa Maria. Hundreds of people would gather day and night tarrying, packing the venue out, and crying out to Jesus. So many flew from across the nation or drove hours just to be with us for the week. You could feel the hunger that was in the room. We felt the Lord so near. More testimonies to come from this time. During this time, our team also got to minister to young people in Santa Barbara, Shell Beach, and at the healing rooms. We believe that this time was pivotal to our nation and a kairos moment of the generations coming together.

Testimony:: Our team had the opportunity to evangelize and outreach. We not only prayed and believed for the fruit of salvation in California during that time, but saw souls saved as we were believing for the scroll of Luke 4:18 over our nation.

With everything that was happening personally in our lives (financially and ministry-related), Audry and I personally took the final 3 days for intense fasting (Esther fasting and Juice fasting) and prayer. We were in critical need of the Lord to speak to us. The morning after we broke the fast, the Lord released an incredible confirmation to us that gave us clear direction for the next season(s) of our lives. We will share more on this in a future update!


SAFA-- Graduation!  Class-1

Two weeks ago, we had the privilege of graduating our first class of SAFA from our new headquarters in Colorado Springs. These 22 young men and women not only received classroom teaching, but honed their knowledge on the field of prayer throughout the year. Having walked with these students for 9 months, we felt so thankful for the amazing testimonies of all that God has done within our program.

We were able to address the graduating the students and their families, thanking them and exhorting them to continue in this national storyline. Lou Engle, the father of this movement, also commissioned and challenged this company to be the ones to birth Stadium Christianity and the next Jesus Movement.

In accordance with a long-standing prophetic history, we, for the first time in Call history, were able to pin these graduating ‘fliers’ of intercession with wings. We are so proud of these students and how they've grown in these last 9 months with us. They are some of the greatest young leaders of our day! Our vision is to raise an army of youth that will go to the ends of the earth for Jesus! 


It's been an amazing year with this team, that has become family!

Testimony from one of our students:

These past 9 months with SAFA have been...words cannot do it justice. I came here having no idea what to expect; I dropped a secure full-time job, school, family, and friends, to follow His voice and where He was calling me to. Since joining, I received the gift of tongues and tears, more and more pieces of my calling, I’ve learned how to war in prayer, and met my tribe. My heart has been tenderized and humbled by the processes we’ve endured as a team. Along with all of those wonderful gifts, I’ve learned to trust God with everything. Mr. David and Mrs. Audry have been the most incredible leaders I have ever had the opportunity to serve under. They have both truly shown what it looks like to carry the Father’s heart and burdens. I’m incredibly grateful to have been a part of this track, and I wouldn’t trade these past 9 months for anything! I look forward to coming back when the Lord calls me to do so. Until then, let’s war in prayer for the youth of America no matter where we may be in the world!
Photos from after Graduation...taken by our friend Sam...


With SAFA graduation and the Santa Maria Prayer Strike in our rearview, we are setting our faces for Contend America. Last year, a few hundred young people gathered together in Colorado Springs –not for a conference, but for a gathering to shape history through prayer and fasting. We believe that the urgency is greater than ever before to win the battle of prayer for the soul of our nation. Our prayer is this: “GOD GIVE US THE YOUTH OF AMERICA.”

In this confidence, we continuing to mobilize, pray, and fast that the youth would gather in Colorado Springs for five days of fasting and prayer. We are convicted that this gathering would actually birth Stadium Christianity and the next Jesus Movement in prayer –just like Rock the Nations in the 90’s birthed TheCall.

Please join in inviting your friends to gather with us, as well as praying for the breakthrough of God.


A personal hi light for us was getting to go home after we graduated our First SAFA Class to witness Audry's younger sister Samantha's wedding to her beloved Junsun! So thankful to be able to go home and celebrate with family and friends. It was a beautiful day!

Currently, we are back in Colorado Springs, and have started up community prayer again, as well as been back to work and mobilizing youth, as well as senior leadership meetings. In around a week, we start our "leadership training" for the students that are returning to become staff in the movement. We are excited for this time to train these future leaders and prepare for Contend.
Thank you for reading through our long update! We love and appreciate every one of you. Please continue praying for us in this season. We would love to pray for you too! You can email prayer requests back at us :)

We will be back in California at the beginning of August and would love to meet up with all of you and see our friends! If you'd like to meet up, please text us and let's set something up.

Yours for the Great Commission,

David and Audry Kim
Again, we wanted to thank all of you who have financially partnered with us in this past season. Particular, we are grateful for those who gave sacrificially and generously in our critical time of need since our last update. In our next newsletter, we plan to update you all regarding this past season as well as moving forward! However, we wanted to pause and thank those who are partnering with us!

We are praying for more monthly partners that will truly enable us to labor without hindrance before the Lord and fulfill the blueprint we feel that God has given to us.

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