Newsletter no.1

Gal Kirn and Fokus Grupa

Open rehabilitation of local collaborationist fascists from WWII

Some prominent case studies from Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and Ukraine
Dear comrades and friends
this newsletter has been launched in order to communicate the progress of the project Map of Revisionist Monuments.

Since the time we first contacted you we gathered some of the most prominent case studies you sent us, or some we were able to find following different texts you shared with us. After collecting the material we decided to focus on certain geographies and specific commemorative strategies to allow for a gradual entry into the monumental revisionism. We are sharing with you the very first selection of materials in order to expand our communication and inspire further participation.

Here we share the case studies that feature open rehabilitation of local collaborationist fascists from WWII. In future issues of this newsletter we intend to present a greater number of case studies by classifying them further as for example:
  • destruction or neglect of existing partisan, socialist and Soviet monuments 
  • transformation of existing monuments by substituting the original symbols with crosses or national flags (nationalist figures)
  • erection of new monuments of national reconciliation that equalize fascism and anti-fascism (“national reconciliation”)
  • etc.
Feel free to share this info with interested and engaged community and we hope to continue cooperation. Many thanks and best wishes in the less revisionist 2019 from Gal Kirn and Fokus Grupa.
Above is a map produced for the Neighbours — Warsaw Under Construction exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw which was aimed at engaging contributors and receiving new contributions from Poland.

View the large version of the map with readable information here (PDF)
"Monument to Silenced Victims", Grahovo Slovenia, photo by Božidar Flajsman
Grahovo monument (SLO)

Monument is dedicated to the 32 fallen fascist collaborationists. The event took place on 22 and 23 November 1943, when the local fascist unit was besieged by a partisan brigade.

Read about the monument (Word doc)

Plaque to the members of HOS (HR)

Dedicated to HOS, a paramilitary unit of the radical right-wing Croatian Party of Rights (HSP) from 1991 to 1992, during the Croatian War of Independence. HOS has been identifying with the NDH, a Nazi puppet state, through its insignia.

Read about the plaque (Word doc)

Monument to Miklós Horthy (HU)

In 1993, remains of a nazi collaborator, irredentist and confirmed anti-Semite, Miklós Horthy, were returned to his hometown of Kenderes. Thousands attended the ceremony where a bust was unveiled in front of the former Horthy Castle.

Read about the bust (Word doc)

Monument to Stepan Bandera (UA)

Monument to Bandera, a leader of the totalitarian, anti-Semitic, and fascist nationalist movement in Ukraine, stands beside the former Polish Roman Catholic cathedral of St. Elżbieta.

Read about the monument (Word doc)

Research partners for this issue of the newsletter are Ferenc Gróf who prepared the data sheets for Horty, Vjeran Pavlaković who shared with us some of his published and unpublished texts that look at the Croatian context and Andre Liebich & Oksana Myshlovska's text which was referenced by Pavlaković for the Ukrainian context. For Slovenian context part of Gal Kirn’s chapter from the forthcoming book The Partisan Counter Archive was used.
View all documents related to this issue of newsletter (Google Drive Folder)
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"Monument to Silenced Victims", Grahovo Slovenia, photo by Božidar Flajsman
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