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Why we walk

My family supports BEGINNINGS because BEGINNINGS has done so much for our daughter.  Although Faith was diagnosed with a hearing loss at birth, we didn't get connected with BEGINNINGS until Faith was in high school. The support and information they have provided to us has been invaluable. Faith has an amazing audiologist, but there is so much that goes on between visits to her audiologist. That is where BEGINNINGS comes in.

We have found that most teachers just aren't aware of what they need to do to make sure a student who is hearing impaired knows what is going on in class. BEGINNINGS helped us to educate Faith's teachers about classroom practices beyond preferential seating. For example, that teachers can to point to a child before they call on them so Faith will be able to tell who is speaking, and then the teacher repeats what the student said in case Faith wasn't able to hear the question or comment. We learned if Faith is seated by a window while the landscapers are mowing, she won't be able to hear anything that is going on in class. BEGINNINGS provided us with and pointed us to resources that we would not have been aware of otherwise.

And our BEGINNINGS parent educator has helped Faith to gain the confidence to advocate for herself. All of this has made it so much easier for Faith to be successful in high school and has helped to prepare her to go off to college next year. When we were connected with BEGINNINGS in 2013 we were struggling with a soft-spoken teacher who Faith just could not hear. And because this teacher didn't use visual aids that Faith could follow along with, Faith was really lost in that class. So for the first time ever Faith got up the courage to advocate for herself and requested a note-taker, but the teacher refused because she thought that providing notes would be giving Faith an unfair advantage. The struggle with this class affected Faith very deeply and caused anxiety that spilled over into every aspect of her life, not to mention her mother's life. This situation could have disastrous, but with the help our of parent educator, we dug our way out from under the situation. BEGINNINGS helped us to educate her teachers and just as importantly made us feel not so alone. We will be forever grateful.

Please join the "BEGINNINGS Brings It On" team today and help us meet our goal of raising $10,000!  The money we raise will be used to support families here in North Carolina.  You can also help us by passing this along to your family, friends, professional contacts and members of your community and ask them to support the BEGINNINGS team!  

BEGINNINGS is a 501(c)(3) that supports parents of children who have hearing loss (ages birth to 22)
by providing impartial information about communication options, emotional support and technical assistance as they make decisions for their child and family. BEGINNINGS provides support to the professionals who serve these families and deaf parents of hearing children, and works to educate all parents and children about the importance of hearing loss prevention.

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