Elijah and his family are walking with us on October 18
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Why we walk

My name is Kimberly and my son Elijah has bilateral hearing loss. I am walking to help give back to an organization that has truly helped my family! Many people do not realize the impact of hearing loss until it impacts their family or a friend's family. I believe that walking to raise awareness is another step to add supporters in helping those families who are dealing with deafness or hearing loss. BEGINNINGS has helped my family on many levels. When Elijah was diagnosed with hearing loss, I had not known anyone personally who had a child born with hearing loss. So I felt isolated and as if I had no one who could understand my questions or concerns. Upon meeting and talking to our parent educator, I found out she was also a parent of a child with hearing loss. She could relate to my concerns and questions about Elijah and his hearing loss. She led me to resources and people who were available to help my Elijah and our family! BEGINNINGS opened me up to another community (family) that had children with hearing loss or deafness. I thank God for Beginnings!!

Please join the "BEGINNINGS Brings It On" team and share with your family, friends, business associates and community members.  Let them know why you are walking and ask them to support the BEGINNINGS team too!

BEGINNINGS is a 501(c)(3) that supports parents of children who have hearing loss
(ages birth to 22) by providing impartial information about communication options,
emotional support and technical assistance as they make decisions for their child and family. BEGINNINGS provides support to the professionals who serve these families and
deaf parents of hearing children, and works to educate all parents and children
about the importance of hearing loss prevention.

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