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On behalf of everyone at the Blue Sky Net Economic Growth Corporation, we'd like to welcome you to 2015! We are looking forward to another year of exciting projects and continuing our Tech-Talk newsletter series.



It’s hard to believe that we are in 2015. When I think back over the last year, the time has just swept by. I hope everyone is back in the swing of things, bearing the cold weather and anxious to move into growing your business for a better year than last. It always feels like a brand new start to begin a new year and at Blue Sky Net we hope to help you do that with tips to help you with your online business, marketing and e-commerce, broadband development and all things to do with new technology.

New Staff
Jerry Poliszczuk is our new ICT Coordinator. Jerry has a background in web programming and has been so helpful in moving forward with our new BEAM program. If you have a question about your website, don’t hesitate to call Jerry at extension 213. He will help you if he can. He is also handling our new round of BEAM funding, so if you want to refer other business owners to the program, Jerry is your contact.

Broadband Expansion Projects

We are really excited about new projects that Blue Sky Net has on the go for this year. Two new Broadband expansion projects are keeping us busy as we prepare funding applications to FedNor and NOHFC. These projects will take place in South Almaguin and the North Shore of Lake Huron. Once we have funding in place, I’ll report back with details.

MRDAP Project
The other project we are excited to begin as the funding has been confirmed, is the Municipal Record Digitization and Archival Project, or MRDAP as we call it for short. This project will see Blue Sky Net working with our GIS Municipal partners on the digitization of their stored property files. This is going to be a great help to ensure that in the event of disaster or flood, the municipal property files will be safe on externally hosted sites. Most importantly, it will show that each municipality is open for business as all of their property and asset information will be easily accessible for interested developers to work with municipal staff.

Connected North Broadband Portal
Lastly is our website. This project is an extension of our BAIMAP project that saw us map and now update all the Broadband availability in Northern Ontario. The updates are done and this new website will permit the public to easily search their address and find out what type of high-speed is available at their property. We will announce when the site is done and ready to launch, so stay tuned.

If you are a member of staff in a municipality, a small business owner, an economic development officer or a general member of the public, feel free to contact any of us at Blue Sky Net. We will do our best to help with questions related to technology in our area. We’re here to help!

Susan Church
Executive Director
Infographics have been around in one form or another helping readers visually interpret information. An infographic presents information in charts, graphics, or videos to your audience in order to quickly and effectively get your information and message out.

An effective infographic will help you and your organization convey important information and make an impact with the reader in the process.

As technology advances and more resources are available to organizations, developers have been able to innovate the ways we view information. Below is an example of common infographic types which may suit your business or organization.
Graphics Design
This is the traditional form of infographic. Styles could range from graphs to a wide assortment of images. There are many online tools available which allows people to make their own chart quickly.

Example: "The 10 Commandments of Typography"
Video Infographics
Over 6 billion hours of video is watched on Youtube a month, simply put, video is a great way to gain and maintain interest. Videos assist in increasing Google search result visibility and in-fact 70% of the top 100 search listings on Google are video results. 

Example: "The Power of Information"
Interactive Infographics

An interactive infographic pro-actively engages the audience and invites them to participate. This style of infographic should be fun and interesting, encouraging the audience to share it with others.  

Example: "Fish Tales"
Additional Links & Resources on Infographics

The BEAM program has returned and we're ready to help your business improve it's e-commerce and online capabilities! BEAM will help alleviate the costs of establishing your business online or upgrading your e-business applications. The BEAM program has provided over $700,000 in funding for 170 business in Northeastern Ontario since 2012.

In this round of the BEAM program, there has been a change in the funding mandate. Municipilaties and not-for-profit organizations are no longer eligible for BEAM program funding.

For more information on the BEAM program, please visit:

Jerry Poliszczuk

IION’s Youth Entrepreneurship Placement Program (YEPP) is an internship involving experiential and educational learning for youth (18-29) interested in entrepreneurship. IION-YEPP will provide Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) funding to hire qualified workers for 16-weeks (May-August 2015) increasing their ability to innovate and commercialize.
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