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Ransomware stops you from using your PC. It holds your PC or files for "ransom". This page describes what ransomware is and what it does, and provides advice on how to prevent and recover from ransomware infections.

Follow Up: Protect Yourself Against Ransomware with a Solid Backup System
Data backups can save your skin from all kinds of IT mishaps like dropping your laptop in a lake or having a virus blast through your hard drive. You should be backing everything up! Thanks to the recent spree of ransomware attacks, it’s once again time to evaluate your backup system, so you’re prepared in the event that some malicious actor locks up your computer.

9 Steps to Prepare Your Website For a Winning SEO Campaign

This article provides insight into how to prepare your website for great SEO. Included in the article are various sites which you can use to test your website's SEO, design, and coding as well as tips on how to use key words and write copy.

So You Clicked on That Sketchy Google Docs Link Sent by Email. Now What?

A clever email phishing attack spread like wildfire across the internet earlier in May. But this was no typical phishing attack — so don't feel bad if you were fooled.


The Broadband for E-Business And Marketing (BEAM) program is still accepting applications for projects.

Established businesses within the Blue Sky Net service region may qualify for support when it comes to e-business, social media campaign planning, software projects and websites.

Visit to learn more about the BEAM program, eligibility requirements and how to apply.

Please contact Jerry Poliszczuk at Blue Sky Net if you have any questions about the BEAM program or if you have interest in applying.

Jerry Poliszczuk
705-476-0874 ext 213
Have you been to offers a unique experience catered to Northern Ontarians. It boasts tools and resources which help you learn more about broadband and what services are available in your region. 

Not only is a resource for broadband education, it also allows you the opportunity to be a part of Northern Ontario policy advocacy by participating in speed tests and internet access surveys.
  • An address lookup feature which provides you a list of internet service providers.
  • A speed test tool which you can use on your desktop or even your mobile phone without needing to download an app!
  • An FAQ on the different types of ways internet can be provided to a home.
  • Information about the status of broadband coverage in Northern Ontario.
  • Information on how to connect with an ICTN that provides support in your region.
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