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Dear Members,

A very warm welcome to our latest bulletin from the National LGB&T Partnership. We hope you find the information and news interesting and useful. If you have any news or updates relevant to the LGB&T health sector then please do send it over to us for inclusion in subsequent bulletins.

We are very excited that next month we will see our brand new Stakeholder Engagement Manager starting, which will mean even more useful information coming from our Partnership. See more about this role below.
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Kind regards,
The National LGB&T Partnership
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Partnership News Update--Stakeholder Engagement Appointment

Stakeholder Engagement Manager
We are very excited to announce that in mid-August we will be joined by Harri Weeks, our new Stakeholder Engagement Manager. Harri will be focussed on expanding communications with our diverse range of stakeholders and widely disseminating the range of resources we have produced over the last 12 months. These include our Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework Companion Piece, smoking cessation tookit, trans health factsheets, and many many more! We will be profiling each of these resources in our monthly bulletin so watch this space for lots more information.

2015-16 Workplan

This year, the National LGB&T Partnership has another strategically packed workplan. In conjunction with promoting our resources from last year's plan, from next month we will be focussing in each month on one of our current areas of work, which are:
- Updating the LGBT Companion Document to the Public Health Outcomes Framework
- Develop a new series of trans factsheets on healthy living
- A health and wellbeing framework for women who have sex with women
- Stakeholder engagement
- Young people and mental health
- Responding to a wide range of government consultations
- LGB&T dementia care and adult social care dissemination
- Sexual orientation monitoring

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Updates from Department of Health 

New social contract between the public, health and care services

Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, says to deliver the highest standards of health and care, people who use those services need to play their part.

Jeremy Hunt today called for a new social contract between the public, health and care services. In a speech to the Local Government Association (LGA) annual conference in Harrogate the Health Secretary urged the public to take more personal responsibility:

- for looking after the elderly
- for their own health
- in using finite NHS resources

He argued that, while integration of health and social care is vital to delivering the highest standards of health and care, personal responsibility needs to sit alongside system accountability.
For more on this click here

Department of Health Recruitment

Did you know that the Department of Health, amongst others, regularly seeks professionals and lay people to join a range of health related committees?

If you have particular expertise you think might be put to good use keep an eye on this link and see what is currently being recruited for.

Updates from NHS England

NHS Citizen Gather

Visit NHS Citizen Gather today to take part in NHS England decision making.
How it works
NHS Citizen Gather is a place for everyone to talk about how the NHS in England can improve:

  • Start discussions on how the NHS can improve by posting ideas and suggestions
  • Join discussions and comment on what other people are saying
  • Later you will be able to vote to support the discussions you think are important
You will be able to take part in NHS Citizen Gather up to 11th of September 2015. A Citizens’ Jury will then choose five issues to go to an NHS Citizen Assembly meeting in November 2015 to be discussed by citizens and most senior NHS leaders.


Health & Care Innovation Expo 2015

Expo 15 is the main event in the health and care calendar. Returning to Manchester on 2 and 3 September and hosted once again by NHS England it will unite 5000 people a day from health and care, the voluntary sector, local government, and industry. Everyone at Expo is a change agent: keen to network, learn and share the ideas and innovations that will transform health and care services, now and for future generations.
For more information or to book go to

PHE resonds to health inequalities facing gay, bisexual and MSM

Public Health England (PHE) has commissioned The Quest to deliver its flagship “The Quest Workshop” to Black African, Black Caribbean, mixed Black and other ethnicity (BME) gay, bisexual and men who have sex with men (MSM).

The delivery of the workshops is part of a wider PHE project evaluating different models of direct behaviour change interventions for BME gay men and MSM aimed at reducing health risk behaviour and building resilience.

The next workshop will take place in September (London).
- See more here

GP Contract Patient Involvement Workshop

NHS England would like to invite you to a workshop to get a patient perspective on what issues should be considered as we agree the contract for GP services for 2016-17. We would also like to take the opportunity to seek your views on how best NHS England can involve the public more widely in primary care commissioning at national and local level, including identifying examples of current good practice.
For more information click here


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Call for authors: Black and minority ethnic trans* and non-binary health

The Race Equality Foundation are currently seeking an author for an up-and-coming briefing paper for our Better Health project.  The paper will look at the health needs of black and minority ethnic trans* and non-binary people.  

Briefings are around 8-12 pages long, including references, and we'd be looking for advice on the relevance and accuracy of the messages, as well as suggestions of suitable resources and good practice examples for inclusion.

 Just to give a bit of background, the overarching themes of the papers are:

-   the intersections between age, disability, gender identity, faith, poverty and ethnicity
-   the impact of personal or institutional racism upon black and minority ethnic  service users and staff
-   the limitations which exist in the provision of culturally, ethnically and linguistically appropriate health services
-   the obstacles to the participation and engagement of black and minority ethnic service users in health services, such as segregation, dispersal or language
-   best practice examples to tackle discrimination and disadvantage

Please do get in touch with Samir Jeraj at if this is something you or your research colleagues might be interested in doing.

The Quest Workshop for Black and Minority Ethnic Gay and Bisexual Men

Public Health England (PHE) has commissioned The Quest to deliver its flagship “The Quest Workshop” to Black African, Black Caribbean, mixed Black and other ethnicity (BME) gay, bisexual and men who have sex with men (MSM).

The delivery of the workshops is part of a wider PHE project evaluating different models of direct behaviour change interventions for BME gay men and MSM aimed at reducing health risk behaviour and building resilience.

The next workshop will take place in September (London).
- See more here

Trans Man - comments please

The first draft of the Men's Health Forum's new man manual Trans Man, written by Lee Gale and Lewis Turner is ready. It is for all trans men (this includes, but is not limited to, people who identify as male, trans man, trans masculine, non binary, androgynous, boi, gender fluid, and genderqueer identities). This means we want the views and comments of as many people as possible on this draft - trans, partners, health professionals and others are all welcome.

The draft is text only with our comments on this work-in-progress in [square brackets]. The draft also includes references. These will not appear in the final printed version (but they will be online). The final version will include images with a similar design to other Men's Health Forum man manuals.

If you would like to view or comment on this draft please check out this link

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Summary of Live Consultations 

We really encourage and value your input into each consultation response that is sent out by The National LGB&T Partnership.  The more individuals and organisations that contribute to and endorse key messages in support of health equalities for LGBT people, the stronger our voice becomes.  It is also crucial that we encapsulate the breadth and diversity of opinions and experiences where possible.
Please send your comments and suggestions to us and we will endeavour to incorporate your views into each consultation response:

Closing the Gender Pay Gap

This consultation seeks views on the Government’s manifesto commitment to require larger employers to publish gender pay information. These regulations will cover private and voluntary sector employers in England, Scotland and Wales with at least 250 employees.

The consultation also seeks views on wider action that can be taken to inspire girls and young women, modernise workplaces and support older working women.

For more information and to respond, go to

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Stop Online Abuse Website Launched

A new website tackling online abuse aimed at women and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) people is launched today.
Stop Online Abuse (, the government funded site was created by Galop, an LGBT anti-violence charity, in consultation with Trans Media Watch, the Women’s Resource Centre, Gender Identity Research and Education Society, Rights of Women, Allsorts, End Violence Against Women and the LGBT Consortium.
The group of charities with 161 years of collective experience in anti-violence work came together in a unique alliance to provide answers for people facing this modern form of an old problem.
The website provides advice for individuals, especially women and LGBT people (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans*) about fighting abuse and harassment online and in other media.

LGBT Hate Crime Campaign Launched

A consortium of 31 LGBT organisations across England and Wales have come together to launch a new anti-Hate Crime campaign.

It is estimated that over 39,000 people suffer some form of harassment, abuse, graffiti and other crime motivated by homophobia, biphobia or transphobia, yet only 6% of anti-LGBT harassment in the UK is reported to police.

This campaign is aimed at encouraging LGBT people and their supporters to recognise hate crimes when they happen, to seek help and support; and if possible, report it.

For more information check out

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Bi Visibility Day 2015

Although still a couple of months away, we wanted to give people plenty of notice for this so you can get planning!
The pink, purple and blue bi flag will be everywhere this September 23rd which is the seventeenth Bi Visibility Day. Last year around the world it was marked with a host of events and in 2015 we want to see even more!

You can find out about what's going on and what has happened in previous years at


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