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Happy pride month! I hope you’re enjoying the spring, and that it provides you with plenty of relaxing reading time. My name is Elica Starr, and I am the current BEB intern! I’m having an incredible experience working with Blind Eye Books, receiving mentorship from BEB’s author and editor Nicole Kimberling, and immersing myself in this season’s titillating materials.


BEB has some fantastic works in store for you this spring! Check them out below:


Object of Desire by Dal Maclean

Available at: Amazon

Dal Maclean has recently followed up her novel, Bitter Legacy, with the highly anticipated sequel, Object of Desire! Object of Desire is a perplexing thriller and steamy romance that follows Tom Gray — uber successful male model and overall heartthrob. When Tom is framed for the murder of his employer, he has to rely on the detective genius of a former love, Will Foster. But with bitter histories and newfound sexual tensions getting in the way, will Tom be clearheaded enough to prove his innocence? Featuring a large cast of suspect characters, yearning Tom-admirers, skeptically fortuitous alibis, and multiple devastating pitfalls, Dal Maclean keeps you guessing throughout the entire novel and leaves no loose ends untied.


The reviews are in, and Object of Desire is this season’s must-read:

“Dal MacLean, once again, delivers a riveting story-full of mystery, and intrigue that had me second guessing just about everyone at some point.” (Judith at Dirty Books Obsession)

“This is a novel you won’t want to put down once you begin and it will stay with you days after you finish it. Smart, assured and addictive, Object of Desire once again proves Ms. Maclean to be a master of the genre.” (Em Whittman at All About Romance)

“Author Dal Maclean comes out strong and delivers another outstanding whodunit with her second literary outing, Object of Desire. The emotional quotient in Maclean’s writing runs high, as much here as in Bitter Legacy, her first novel.” (Lisa at The Novel Approach)


The Bellingham Mystery Series Vol 1 by Nicole Kimberling

Available at:

The Bellingham Mystery Series contains three stories, Primal Red, Evergreen, and Black Cat Ink. Each story follows Peter Fontaine, the ambitiously quick-witted reporter for the free weekly newspaper, The Hamster, who is constantly stumbling upon a mystery. As Peter investigates the quirky “city of subdued excitement,” witness his love affair unfold with the local hunky artist hiding a dark past, Nick Olson. In the midst of solving bloody murders, Peter is forced to choose whether he should pursue a Pulitzer prize-worthy career or keep his romantic life kindling. Newly available in print and Kindle format, The Bellingham Mystery Series is the perfect collection for anyone who appreciates a good whodunnit with some dangerously clever repartee. This collection also features exquisite cover art designed by Amber Whitney, talented artist working from Poulsbo, WA.


The Simon Pearce Mystery Series by Jess Faraday

Jess Faraday is engaged in an exciting project, writing an eight-part short mystery series set in 19th century Britain. These brilliant bite-sized stories follow Constable Simon Pearce as he investigates curious cases in London, Edinburgh, and Cornwall. A locked room murder, a family curse, a mysterious big, black dog, an exploding mummy, and more. Pearce is a meticulous character, dissatisfied with simple answers, and digs deep to uncover the overlooked culprits in every case. And as a closeted low-level officer in Scotland Yard, he must dig deep within himself to uncover some deeply repressed affections. If you’re familiar with Faraday’s work, you may recognize Pearce from her novella The Kissing Gate in Blades of Justice. Be on the lookout for this exhilarating new series, coming summer of 2019.


Grilled Cheese and Goblins: Adventures of a Supernatural Food Inspector by Nicole Kimberling

Kimberling flaunts her supernatural writing chops with this collection, following Special Agent Keith Curry, a vampire hunter, leprechaun fighter, and food inspector. NATO's Irregulars Affairs Division is a secret organization operating in thousands of cities around the globe. Its agents police relations between the earthly realm and those beyond this world, protecting citizens from both mundane and otherworldly dangers. Former chef turned NIAD food inspector, Special Agent Keith Curry finds out about magic the hard way and is now determined to keep dinner safe for everybody. This collection contains the novellas Cherries Worth Getting, Magically Delicious, and the never-before-published Bring Out Your Best, plus bonus shorts and more! If you’re familiar with BEB’s podcast, “Lauren Proves Magic is Real,” then consider this an expansion pack to Keith Curry’s whimsical case files.


Check Out the BEB Podcast: “Lauren Proves Magic is Real”

Follow along with 12-year-old Lauren as she cat-sits for her neighbor, Special Agent Keith Curry, and broadcasts his supernatural field recordings for the world to hear. This six-part series features invisible spiders, krakens, boo-hags, and one super hot boyfriend. If you’re a lover of magic or have an appreciation for the food inspection industry, then check out “Lauren Proves Magic is Real!” anywhere you can listen to podcasts. It’s six episodes. Season one is complete and it’s absolutely free to listen.


I reached out to Tommy Jordan, audio producer of “Lauren Proves Magic is Real!” and voice actor for Special Agent Keith Curry, to answer a couple interview questions for the BEB newsletter about his experience acting in and producing the podcast. Check it out below!

How do you relate to your character Special Agent Keith Curry?

Special Agent Keith Curry is pretty easy for me to relate to. I’ve spent most of my life working in food service, and at points have aspired to own my restaurant. Not necessarily due to my love of the industry, but of my interest in wage equality and justice.

I [also] had the good fortune to build what I consider one of the strongest artistic alliances of my life with Nicole Kimberling, previous to producing “Lauren Proves Magic is Real!” Nicole is a force, and Keith is that same force doing riskier shit.

In performing this role, it dawned on me that to Keith, nothing is a joke. Despite the natural comedy surrounding him, he is above all a serious person. As a person who is also subconsciously overly serious about all matters, I leaned in to that concept.


What's your favorite supernatural being featured on the podcast?

My favorite character from “Lauren Proves Magic is Real!” is Jumper. Jumper is a Boo-hag who pays incredible attention to detail and eats nightmares. What’s not to like? Jumper is also voiced by Tenea D. Johnson. I’ve never met Tenea, but I thought her performance was incredible.

Occasionally, you get a gut feeling in a project that someone is really really special, or that a character has so much to explore, and you desperately wish to see their story. I feel that way about Jumper. I would read/write/audio produce pretty much anything Tenea the actual person, or the character of Jumper was involved in.


How would Special Agent Keith Curry feel about Lauren snooping through his personal voicemails from Gunther? (from Ep 4)

I think he would be pissed to the point that he was incapable of speaking to anyone and be in a full rage and drive around very upset for several hours. Then he would realize that is exactly what he would’ve done in Lauren’s place, and find the ability to forgive her, and probably foster her snoopiness in a useful direction later on in life.


What do you like most about podcasting as a form of storytelling?

Podcasting as a platform for storytelling provides a medium rarely used, and sometimes used poorly, for fiction. You can do things in a podcast that — the only other way they could possibly be made into art that’s entertaining would be as a major budget film. Some examples of this is combining narrative journalism with fiction, podcasts that are aware they’re a podcast and their premise is based on the risks involved in the production, and soundscapes and music pieces that would be less invigorating in text. We have yet to see the rise of an incredibly popular fiction podcast, there are a few out there. Eventually I truly believe it will be viewed as a vehicle for fiction unlike any other form.


Are there any old-time radio dramas (or other works) that inspired "Lauren Proves Magic is Real!?”

I am not the author, so it’s hard for me to say as far as the stories. I personally based the sound production on “Crime Town,” a podcast that used songs with lyrics to escape their action and storytelling, like a film, whereas most other podcast had been using strictly instrumentals. I also am a huge fan of “The Public Radio Alliance,” a fictional podcasting group producing serial docudramas: “Rabbits”, “The Black Tapes,” and “Tanis”. I like the fact that they don’t shy away from horror or from truly trying to scare the listener in production. As a child I used to listen to Louis Lamour audio dramas from the library. I’m sure that had an influence on me as well.

I really like horror. It’s an underutilized and often poorly done genre across all mediums. Nicole is really funny but a lot of the concepts she explores are pretty dark. I think my production and her writing are really working well together.


Do you have any advice for aspiring podcasters?

Depending on the podcast yes. For fiction, I would say work with reliable people and build their character a lot before they record, set up some sort of marketing system — even if you’re broke. Plan a large amount of posts on all of your social networks, use hashtags, especially on I.G., have custom art, tell everyone about it all the time. Specifically, office workers and food workers are looking for something to listen to to get through the day.

Stick to a rigid schedule for release. Back up all of your files. Have one-hundred-percent of the season completely finished before releasing the first episode. Work with people you trust. Make snacks, buy beer, most people who are helping you are working for free. Never stop promoting.

Keep writing, set more release dates, release interviews, and music episodes during slow times on your feed. If you can, make a visual trailer for your podcast. Make a friend who does field recording of weird sounds and get access to their library. If you make any money at all from the project, dump it back into promoting the project. Eventually, if you're big enough, hire a publicist.


Keep your ears peeled for Tommy Jordan’s forthcoming podcast, “Silver-tongued Cypher.”
Smoketown by Tenea D. Johnson


Tenea D. Johnson’s award-winning novel Smoketown is part of the Pride StoryBundle going on right now! For the next 22 days readers can get it and 13 other fantastic queer speculative fiction ebooks by indie authors for one pay-what-you-choose price. Check it out here!


Winner of the Carl Brandon Parallax Award

The city of Leiodare is unlike any other in the post-climate change United States. Within its boundaries, birds are outlawed and what was once a crater in Appalachia is now a tropical, glittering metropolis where Anna Armour is waiting. An artist by passion and a factory worker by trade, Anna is a woman of special gifts. She has chosen this beautiful, traumatized city to wait for the woman she’s lost, the one she believes can save her from her troubled past and uncertain future.

When one night Anna creates life out of thin air and desperation, no one is prepared for what comes next—not Lucine, a smooth talking soothsayer with plans for the city; Lucine’s brother Eugenio who has designs of his own; Seife, a star performer in the Leiodaran cosmos; or Rory, a forefather of the city who’s lived through outbreak, heartbreak, and scandal. Told through their interlocking stories, Smoketown delves into the invisible connections that rival magic, and the cost of redemption.

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