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Issue #1 - January 22, 2015


Chris Beshore Profile PicI want to personally welcome you to Indie iOS Dev Weekly. I am committed to providing useful tips, tricks, and links to help independent iOS developers. I started developing for the iPhone in 2010 with no programming experience. I have a degree in marketing, but have found I'm more drawn to the coding/design part of apps. I have a regular job in an unrelated field and dream about going independent full time. Being responsible for everything from idea to launch and beyond can be overwhelming. I hope sharing my experiences and methods help you in your journey. - Chris @cdbeshore
One Way to Get Reviews
Censor Ninja More ScreenGetting good reviews and avoiding bad ones is crucial to your success. I hate to hound users for reviews while they're interacting with the app and it can be very difficult to get reviews regardless of your download numbers.
So, how do you get users to email instead of just leaving a one star review, or to even leave a review at all? Users will usually take the path of least resistance. Make sure you have a 'More' view in your app that has a button with a title like 'Problem or Idea'. Allowing them to vent a complaint lowers the chance they will vent in a review for everyone to see. When they email you with the complaint or feature request, always ask nicely for a review. Many users are excited that someone emailed them back and will often make an effort to leave a review. My personal favorite support emails are the one liners that say something like "I hate your app".

Is It Work?

"If something that seems like work to other people doesn't seem like work to you, that's something you're well suited for."

I love this quote by Paul Graham (@paulg) from What Doesn't Seem Like Work? I think we all wish we could do what we love, but are you? You may think someone is lucky they are doing something they enjoy. Maybe they aren't lucky at all. Maybe they just figured out a way to make money doing something they love.

Customer Service Automation

I wrote earlier this week about what I use to cut down on the time it takes to deal with user emails regarding features, bugs, and feedback. Discover the top three tools I use to automate the process and save time. Automation Tips for Indie Developers

A Podcast for Indies

I've really been enjoying Release Notes lately. I only discovered this great podcast a couple months ago. It focuses on dealing with everything that goes with developing and marketing for the App Store. Great candid conversation from two experienced indies.
Release Notes with @DazeEnd & @jcieplinski

Apple Watch

Have you decided if you are developing for the Apple Watch yet? I think I am going to dip my toes in with one of my simple apps to learn the framework. Curt Clifton (@curtclifton), a software engineer at Omni Group, goes in depth in this video on what he's learned. He talks about the framework, debugging, and data syncing.

iOS Tip - Safari

Hold down the "+" symbol in the tab carousel to get recently closed tabs. courtesy of @finbinhot


I would love to hear your ideas on what topics to cover, and what you think of the first issue. I'll probably look back on Issue #1 and cringe. Developers are often our own harshest critics. Email me or on twitter @cdbeshore.
Please share and help spread the word with your fellow developers. Thanks!
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