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Connecticut Right to Life Responds to Donald Trump's Abortion Remarks

Contact: Chris O'Brien
Phone:  203-558-5817
What: On March 30th, Donald Trump answered a question from MSNBC's Chris Matthews, saying that a woman should be criminally punished for having an abortion. The Trump campaign later released a "clarification" statement.

This follows other statements Mr. Trump has made on nuclear proliferation, NATO, and other issues prior to meeting with experts in those fields.

Connecticut Republican and Democratic voters will vote in a Primary on April 26th for their Presidential preference.

Chris Matthews Interview: (Beginning at 28:40)

Trump Campaign Statement:

Statement: Connecticut Right to Life's V.P. of Legislative Affairs, Chris O'Brien:

States never punished women for seeking an abortion before Roe v. Wade and pro-life organizations do not seek to today. The blood of the millions of innocent lives lost lies squarely on the shoulders of the abortion industry. It is the abortionists who deceive and commit violence on unborn children for financial gain. Doctors should be healers and trusted consultants due to their entrusted medical and biological knowledge.


Women turn to abortion as a last resort, often in the face of coercion and exploitation. Many women come to regret their so-called choice. And so we must work together to make abortion alternatives like adoption and assistance services more widely accessible. We must allow women to choose life without pressure from partners, families, schools, or jobs.


Connecticut Right to Life, like the rest of the pro-life movement, stands with and cares for women both before and after birth. Through the work of Connecticut’s many pregnancy resource centers, post-abortion programs, and other groups, there are resources available to keep women safe from domestic violence, human trafficking and other coercion, and give them real choices and healing.


Our movement is one of compassion and hope. Pro-life strength comes from forgiveness and inclusion from those working to better the lives of women and families. Our ranks include former abortionists, abortion clinic employees, and women who have abortions themselves. Mr. Trump's own conversion is a story of compassion.


Yet, creating wise and informed policies requires listening to experienced advocates in any subject matter.


NASA doesn’t entrust its missions to college students. The Yankees don’t start farm team rookies in the World Series. The American people shouldn’t entrust the nation’s highest office to a novice.

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