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October 2016

Amendments to Certificate Requirements

As with most things that are published, there have been revisions and amendments to the Year 10 and Year 12 Certificate Requirements forms.

We have updated the forms for the Year 10 and Year 12 General forms on our website (under Members/Member Area/Downloads).

The amendments are:

Year 10: 30 credits in total are required, not 34 credits. These requirements are virtually the same as the old 10 General Certificate before the July 2016 changes.

Year 12 General: 
Maths: 2 credits required (not 4 credits) for this certificate (12 Academic requires 4 Maths credits). This is the same as pre-July 2016.
English: 3 credits required (not 4 credits). This is one more than pre-July. The reason is that, because 2 credits represent a year's work in most cases, it is difficult to justify a Year 11/12 pathway of two years with only "one year's" English. Note that Speech is offered here as an English subject, and of course English Composition 1 and 2 are suitable for this level of certificate.
Science: Earth Science should not be included as a Year 12 Science credit. This is a simple transcription error on the form. "No courses below PACE 1097 will be accepted for credit on this certificate, except Mathematics Bridging Course."

Year 12 Academic:
The elective subject Greek is designated Academic Rigour.

Test scores - Deadline for Semester 2

Deadline for Semester 2: Midnight, Sunday 18th December, 2016.
Results submitted after this date may not appear on Semester 2 reports.


Interesting Word Fact:

One definition for the word "dead" has little to do with actual death.
"Dead" can mean:

1. Absolutely: I am dead certain he was there before I arrived.
2. Directly; exactly: They were approaching from dead ahead.
3. Suddenly: We stopped dead when we heard the noise.

This would suggest that the term "deadline" has nothing to do with death, but simply means an absolute line which cannot be crossed.

However... It appears the origin of the term "deadline" is really as deathly as it literally reads.

During the American Civil War, the term apparently came about in prisoner stockades, where a line was drawn, set, or sometimes just imagined, where prisoners were not allowed to cross towards the perimeter fence. If prisoners crossed this "dead-line", the guards were instructed to shoot to kill.

The phrase became more metaphorical over time, and in the 1920s was first used to refer to a time-line rather than a physical line, by newspaper printers. Any article submitted past the deadline could not be included in the newspaper before it had to be printed.

Never fear! We can assure you that our use of the word in the above announcement in no way threatens the life of any of our members.

Celebration events are coming!

Each year we like to hold special events to celebrate the year that was and the year to come.
Depending on feedback from families, we hold these events either at the beginning or the end of the year. Our plans for this year follow. At this stage, all events will be run from 6:30 pm to about 9:00 pm. Bring a picnic tea for your family, if you like, from 5:00 pm.

Brisbane: Saturday 3rd December; Burpengary (site of the future Redwood School)
Melbourne: Saturday 10th December; probably Coburg* (will not proceed if we do not receive enough interest.)
Sydney: Saturday 28th January; probably at North Ryde Anglican Church*

* We are still open to suggestions if you can suggest a suitable location.

If you did not see our invitation, go to this link.

Please let us know if you intend to come to the localities listed.

Information Days

Greg and April hosted information days in Burpengary (Brisbane), Coburg (Melbourne) and Hurstville (Sydney).

These events were for the benefit of families wanting to know more about homeschooling, SEHE, and A.C.E. Some SEHE families attended, either bringing friends or just bringing questions for our Q & A session.

We hope that those who attended learned a lot about who we are and the benefits of homeschooling using A.C.E. 

Is your child's pathway registered yet?

Students working on certificate level subjects (above PACE 1084) and whose pathways have not been registered by the end of 2016 may not be eligible to receive a certificate, even if they complete the requirements. If you have not discussed your child's pathway with SouthEast Home Education, it is most unlikely that they have been registered.

If your child is working on secondary PACEs at 1085 or higher, or with numbers that are fewer than four digits, you need to contact us immediately if they are aiming to achieve a graduation certificate.

SCEE Connect Magazine

Volume 1 No. 3 now available for download here.

SCEE Connect is published quarterly. We will link to each issue in our newsletters and on our website home page and our Facebook page.

Contact us if you are interested in seeing past issues.
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