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September 2016

You're still the teacher!

Has anyone ever asked you what your child was learning in their home school? Did you then feel uncomfortable, stammer a few syllables, and then realise that the only answer you could give involved a few PACE numbers?

Just because the PACEs have the instruction built in, and the parent is referred to as the "Supervisor" in the A.C.E. parlance, remember that the homeschooling parent is the teacher. This is true from the point of view of the Government, and, more importantly, from the point of view of the Bible.

You should at least be signing checkups every few days; take the opportunity to see what topics are being covered. Better yet, find time to talk to your child about what they are learning. 

Does everything taught at the local state school match your own views or philosophy? Do you think parents might be uneasy with some of the things the children are being taught at school? We may feel confident that A.C.E. resources will align with what we want our children to learn; however, Christians are diverse in doctrine and practice, and the likelihood of a 100% fit is not high. A.C.E. resources aim to have universal relevance in the Christian community, but specific content may present differently to how you might have taught your child. This does not mean it is bad to offer alternative views, or that they should be rejected, but we should at least be aware of when this occurs. If dealt with wisely, these differences can be used as opportunities to highlight diversity among Christians and reasons why your own views may differ.

Here are three good reasons for talking to your child about his or her work:
  1. It shows your child that you are interested. They are not just being abandoned to their book work as some other children might be to school.
  2. There is little that is so rewarding as "being there" when your child is learning. You would consider it a sad loss to miss your child's first word or first step. Too many parents miss out on witnessing the new light bulbs that go on in a child when they learn something new. Homeschooling gives parents this opportunity.
  3. Some subjects - particularly some secondary subjects - are aimed at and assume a certain level of maturity in students. You may not feel your child is ready to learn about some of the matters covered yet, perhaps for some time. Further, whether a view point is right or wrong, it is one view point. Are you certain that your own view point aligns exactly with the one presented in the material?
Some secondary subjects cover mature themes or theological doctrines that can, in the Christian world, be considered controversial, so we strongly recommend that you are aware of the material before presenting it to your children. Subjects include:
  • Christian World View
  • Christian Counselling
  • New Testament Church History
  • Basic Literature
If you have any concerns, contact us.

Celebrate with us!

We will be planning a number of Celebration/Graduation Events this year. These events are to:
1. Celebrate student achievements in 2016 including graduations, and
2. Look forward to 2017 with anticipation and excitement.

Traditionally, SouthEast Home Education has allowed for students to complete their year's work until late in the year, and have held these events at the start of the new year. We have surveyed families and taken comments, and have considered the merits of holding the events at the end of the year. There are good arguments either way, but we understand that not everyone will find one particular time convenient. We also have to consider that we cannot attend events in all regions on the same weekend.

Our plans for this year are, at this stage:
Brisbane - Burpengary; Saturday, 3rd December 2016 (this date is locked in)
Melbourne - Coburg; Saturday, 10th December 2016 (to be confirmed)
Sydney - Hurstville area; Saturday, January 28, 2017 (to be confirmed)

In each case, we will look to begin at 5:00 with fellowship and food (bring a picnic tea for your family), then commencing formal proceedings at about 6:30 with supper at afterwards.
Details and invitations will be sent in the following weeks.

We request families to email us to express their interest in these events as soon as possible so that we can finalise plans.

Hints and Tips!

How many pages should my child do each day?

Before addressing this question, we should point out that you are the child's teacher, and you know, better than anyone, how much your child is capable of doing in a day.

Putting that aside, how can we calculate how much they should do?

The following calculation is simply a guide, and really states the obvious. For further ideas, pointers and considerations, log in to our website and go the Member Area, click the Parent Training button, and watch our video Setting Goals.
  • Most subjects work on 12 PACEs per year, to complete a whole level.
  • In a four term year, this means the student would want to complete at least 3 PACEs per term in each subject.
  • In a ten week term, the student would aim to finish one PACE every 3 weeks. One would not really want a PACE to stretch too much past this length of time, as it becomes stale and some of the earlier work might be forgotten. The last week of term could be a great opportunity to move ahead, to catch up in other subjects if necessary, or maybe have non-PACE activities.
  • Three weeks can be broken down to 15 days. Maybe they do music or sport on one day a week, or maybe there is an excursion planned. So, work on 12 days or so. You, the teaching parent, set the calendar.
  • Every PACE has around 30 to 60 pages, depending on the level and the subject. The average is 45 pages, but you should always check first.
  • 45 pages over 15 days is 3 pages per day. Remember, this is per subject, so multiply that by the number of subjects. Most students do about five or six subjects at a time. Total therefore is 3 x 6 = 18 pages per day, or whatever your own calculations reveal.
The important thing is: Teach your child to set his or her goals before doing them, not after! It's far better to plot a course for your destination, than drive with your hands off the steering wheel and look behind to see where you've been.

Origins and Science

SCEE has been able to make the following resources available for Origins and Science (Formerly called Bible and Science):
  • Scientific Creationism
  • The Genesis Flood
  • A Case for Creation
Evolution: The Fossils Still Say No! will need to be sourced through Amazon, eBay or other sources.

Ask us about obtaining In the Beginning.

Literature and English Resource Books

Don't forget to order Literature resources for Literature and Creative Writing, Basic Literature, and seccondary English (above 1097).

For a complete list of books and which PACEs refer to them, log in to our website and go to the Member Area, click Downloads, and scroll down to Literature Book List.

Are your fees up to date?

Families whose fees are not up to date may not be able to access services from SCEE or SouthEast Home Education.

Students on certificate pathways may have their pathway registration suspended or cancelled if the family is not paying fees and has not contacted SCEE to make arrangements.
Is your child's pathway registered yet?

Students working on certificate level subjects (above PACE 1084) and whose pathways have not been registered by the end of 2016 may not be eligible to receive a certificate, even if they complete the requirements. If you have not discussed your child's pathway with SouthEast Home Education, it is most unlikely that they have been registered.

If your child is working on secondary PACEs at 1085 or higher, or with numbers that are fewer than four digits, you need to contact us immediately if they are aiming to achieve a graduation certificate.
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