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Dear Murujuga/Burrup/FARA supporters,   

So much to report to you, just where do we start!

  1. Firstly, we had a very interesting virtual AGM on 21/3 (seems ages ago) and thanks to 31 techno-savvy members who emailed their approvals for our updated constitution. For those who didn’t get to see our Convenors’ report, here it is – click here
  2. On 25/3 we had a telelink meeting with Sussan Ley, Federal Minister for the Environment, in which we explained our concerns about the proposed Burrup Hub project and its likely further destruction of the rock art if nothing was done to curb its enormous GHG and acidic emissions. She claimed to be aware of the facts, so watch this space…
  3. Next, thanks to those who bravely tackled the EPBC Act reforms – it was such a daunting but important opportunity to propose valid improvements to the regulations protecting our fragile environment.  FARA obviously focussed on Aboriginal cultural heritage and the need for   industrial emissions to be strictly controlled in order to protect Murujuga’s fragile rock art. You may read it here – click here
  4. Close on its heels came Woodside’s AGM on 30/4 before which FARA sent letters to the Board explaining our concerns about the disastrous effects on the ancient petroglyphs should Woodside pursue its potentially highly polluting Burrup Hub expansion project. A proxy arrangement by Clean State and Market Forces allowed us to ask a few questions of the CEO which he clumsily avoided by claiming that no damage has been done to the rock art! However, a resolution was carried by 51% of the shareholders that urgent measures should be taken to reduce emissions, particularly of the GHG variety – and the press follow-up was great – see Sydney Morning Herald article Click here
    If you’d like to add your voice, there is still a letter to the Woodside Board composed by Clean State which you can sign – click here
  5. Barely able to draw breath, Yara’s new licences for their TAN and Fertiliser plants were granted on 20/4 and we had 21 days to lodge merits appeals – a very challenging task as the EDO can no longer represent us due to a conflict of interest. But with the help of Greg McIntyre SC, Ruby Hamilton and especially John Black we have submitted these, appealing on the grounds that the emissions controls are still not tight enough and the WA government is ignoring credible scientific evidence that the rock art is being seriously damaged by acidic emissions.  We now have until the WA Environment Minister’s verdict to decide whether to follow up with a judicial review…
  6. We now have a slight break before we challenge Perdaman’s application for a licence for its Urea plant on the Burrup – even more toxic emissions! You may like to read a recent article on Perdaman’s Vikas Rambal click here original partner of the infamous Pankaj Oswal!  And decide for yourselves if you’d also like to send in a short submission.  (To view the project documents click here  and click on '#3 Assessment' and then 'Environmental Review'. To make a submission, click here )   We have a few dot points to assist you to make a more personal submission, so if you’d like them, please contact us.
  7. But alas, Woodside’s plans are still on the drawing board so we’ll be seeking every opportunity to remind them of their social licence and corporate responsibility – when will it ever end??
  8. However, we may take cheer from the news that Wesfarmers has decided against joining Coogee Chemicals in their proposal for a methanol plant on the Burrup, and all has gone quiet there. May the spirits of Murujuga continue to work their magic…
  9. In the wake of Covid-19 our 2020 Burrup tour is still a moveable feast. We’ll let you know in plenty of time if it’s still happening in August.  

    And finally, if youve read this far, FARA is seeking a new Auditor before our next AGM.  Do any of you know of someone willing to assist a not-for-profit organisation with a  very small financial turnover? If so, our contact details are below.

Yours in solidarity,

Judith Hugo & Marie Ferland, Co-convenors
Friends of Australian Rock Art (FARA)
0439 090 321                                                       


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