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The Single Mother Edition - September 2015
"In recent years, it seems, we've heard more about work-life balance among professional women than among the working classes—more about how the Sheryl Sandbergs and the Marissa Mayers might finesse the demands of a job and a family than how a nurse, a bus driver, or a cashier could."
                                     ~ Margaret Talbot, America's Family-Leave Disgrace, The New Yorker

News Roundup


Single Motherhood in the United States – A Snapshot

25% of all mothers are single. 70% work. Half make less than $25,000 per year. 30% spend more than half their income on housing. 40% are White, 30% Black, 25% Hispanic. 80% graduated high school. 25% have a college degree. 30% get child support which averages $300/month. 10% get welfare.

The Hell of American Day Care – An Investigation

The biggest problem facing single mothers is affordable child care. In California, full-time care for an infant (not including evenings or weekends) takes up 40% of a single mother's average income. Day-care facilities are often unsafe, under-staffed, and staffed by unqualified care takers. An average child-care worker makes less than $20,000 per year. How do other countries solve this dilemma? They spend more.

America's Family-Leave Disgrace

"What do Papua New Guinea, Oman, and the United States of America have in common? They are the only three countries in the world with no paid-maternity-leave law.”

Ann Crittenden's The Price of Motherhood

Among this economist journalist's interesting findings is that motherhood is the single biggest risk factor for poverty in old age. [interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air]

Resources for Single Mothers

Children and Early Education: Headstart
Government Assistance for Single Mothers
Need a laugh? Jokes for moms

"You not only have to protect your child but your own heart, which has been flayed by this little thing that wants to eat all the time, and you know that if anything happens to that child your life would be broken in a way you never knew was possible before you gave birth."          
                                         ~ Rebecca Barry, Recipes for a Beautiful Life
It is better to be open, but matter-of-fact, about child care problems with your employer. It reduces speculation and educates us all.
Kim Clijsters,
winner of four Grand Slam Singles titles,
first mom to reign since 1980

[click to watch her defeat Serena Williams in the US Open in 2009]

Latest Book Reviews
Nonfiction: Price of Motherhood (Crittenden)
Fiction: Big Little Lies (Moriarty)

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