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Luke:            You do? How?
Darth Vader: I have felt your presents.

News Roundup

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Executive Presence: Behaviors and Perceptions, Cause and Effect
Article from Leadership Excellence

Executive presence could be called the ability to manage perceptions. Perceptions are what others think or feel; behaviors are what you do to make them feel that way. You can strengthen your executive presence by seeing yourself as others do and modifying your behavior to create the impression you want.

Executive Presence: The Aura of Leadership
Excerpt from the Executive Presence Program Handbook from the Discreet Guide

A strong presence is something that many people believe they can sense but they can't describe. Others describe it in so many different ways, it seems to cover everything from your toenails to your brain. That can be pretty hard to absorb. But, after many years in corporate America, I believe we can examine behaviors and styles that support a strong presence and teach and develop those. This article looks as four important traits: gravitas, credibility, authenticity, and trustworthiness.

Workplace Humor: Five Golden Rules -or- What's So Funny about Executive Presence?

Jobs, careers, and financial compensation are no joking matters. Nevertheless, humor has a place when you put together your personal style and create your own executive presence. The demonstration of a sense of humor is widely admired in the U.S., and humor can be a great tool to show humility, encourage a team, or smooth over a rough situation. Here are Five Golden Rules to use humor to your advantage and avoid mistakes that will detract from your presence.

Being Present: It's More Than Just Showing Up
An excerpt about mindfulness  from You, Not I: Exceptional Presence

Suppose that you arrive at a meeting and discover that an important visitor has been detained. Not only can the meeting not start until he or she arrives, the cause of the delay and how long it will last is unknown. Most leaders would be instantly frustrated in such a situation. They would attempt to track down the visitor, storm from room to room, question everyone in sight about what they know, when the delay will end, and what the prospects are for solving this problem. What if you took a different approach?

Branding and Presence: Your Personal Brand and Professional Presence
An excerpt from The Business Woman's Personal Branding Guide, a NAWMBA eBook, 2013

As you build your personal brand, ask yourself: what do I want people to think of when they think of me?

Executive Presence Study of 400 Professionals

- Over 40% express insecurities about their physical appearance.
- Less than 50% enjoy networking events where they don't know anyone.
- Nearly 25% say they suffer stage fright.

- Nearly 35% say it's hard for them to put their feelings aside when they get emotional.
- There were no significant differences between males and females.
Press release with full results here.
"Let others see their own greatness when looking in your eyes.” 

                                                                                                         - Mollie Marti

Focus on the person you are speaking with. Be friendly, not creepy, and use good eye contact.
Imagine an aura of leadership that surrounds you and lights you up so that others can see you. This is your Presence. Some days–bad days–it shrinks and fades as you stumble and lose confidence. Other days, it burns brightly and grows in strength and draws other people in.
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