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MARCH 2016

News Roundup

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A MAN Is Not an ATM

In this day and age of gender equality, one would think that expecting a man to pay all expenses on a date would be considered unenlightened. Not so. And people have very strong feelings about these gender roles and money. Discussions about the topic can sound like a good old-fashioned war between the sexes.

The Cost of Beauty

It’s an interesting thought experiment to consider who profits when girls and women spend their energy and money on aesthetics, rather than their intellectual or personal development. In this article, I argue that the $265 billion (!) spent annually on the global beauty industry is mostly a waste of time, a waste of money, and a waste of intellect. And it doesn't even make us feel better.

How Women Really Feel about Money: It's Complicated

My colleague Marybeth Storjohann surveyed her female clients about their feelings about money. Her conclusion? "Feelings are varied and evolving, and largely depend on each person’s experience with money."

Invest Like a Girl

From the Washington Post: behavioral economics show that women tend to make better investments than men.

The Skinny on the Wage Gap

Women make 82% of what men do, and the wage gap has hardly moved in the last decade. It has decreased significantly however since 1979, and women's wages have soared from what they were then compared to men's.

The Skinny on the Wealth Gap

Median wealth for single men is more than three times greater than it is for single women during their working years. Women in retirement are significantly at risk of falling into poverty, especially if they have had children.

From Business Insider: Best Websites about Money
Wise Bread

Did you know?
The term "gold digger" dates from the early 20th century after there were real "gold diggers" in the 1830s. Its idiomatic meaning is a person (usually a woman) who cultivates a personal relationship for money.

"Make love, not war. Hell, do both—get married!"
According to a new study, most men would like women to occasionally pick up the check. The study also found that most women would occasionally like to be paid as much as men for doing the same job.                                                                                           ~Conan O'Brien

When women are dispassionate, knowledgeable, and objective about money, it helps out both genders.
That's all I'm asking for is a reach. Is that so much to ask? It would be nice to get a reach.      ~Jimmy from Seinfeld
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