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Commentator: One problem Trump is helping with is the obesity epidemic. By having people march constantly for four years.

News Roundup

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First the Facts – The Women's March from Wikipedia

In the largest single-day protest in U.S. history, an estimated 3.6-4.6 million people marched on Saturday, January 21, 2017 in a series of coordinated marches around the globe in defense of human rights and other issues. The organizers' platform included protection of women's, workers' and LGBTQ rights, immigration and healthcare reform, protection of the environment, racial equality and religious freedom. Held the day after President Trump's inauguration, the march also served as an anti-Trump protest in the eyes of many participants. The marches were peaceful.

 The Shimmer by Jennifer Crittenden – Women's March – San Diego 
originally published in the Mammoth Times

It was clear that the event was going to be huge the moment we arrived at the train platform in Sorrento Valley early Saturday morning. The platform was already filling with people of all ages and colors, carrying signs and sporting “pussy hats,” the pink knitted cap that the march had adopted as a symbol of Craftivism. The normal guardedness among people broke down, and people cooed over each other’s signs and took photos. As one marcher tweeted, “Normal day on train, no one talks. Today, EVERYONE talks.” Small moments of leadership emerged as …

Should you talk about politics at work? – Harvard Business Review
from Harvard Business Review

Be careful, but if you want to try, here is some advice: Be curious. Be respectful. Come away with a new perspective. You can even structure it: say, "We're going to talk about this for ten minutes. Each of us will get five minutes, and we'll part as friends." Be sure to part friends.

Where do you get your facts? – TV Accuracy ratings
from PolitiFact

According to Pew Research Center, 40% of Trump voters listed Fox News as their primary news source. Clinton voters were spread among many news sources though 18% listed CNN. PolitiFact ratings for accuracy: 59% of statements made on Fox News are "mostly false, false, or pants on fire." Same rating for others? CNN 26%, ABC 35%, CBS 45%, NBC (MSNBC) 47%.

In persuasion, facts don't matter – your personal story does
from New York Times Magazine

A surprising study shows that door-to-door canvassing is effective in changing people's minds, as long as there is a personal component to the conversation. 

What happened next

- $38 million spike in contributions to the ACLU. They're hiring!
- Indivisible Guide's manual for making Congress listen has been downloaded 500,000 times.
- Trump's approval rating fell eight points, to 42% after one week in office, a record low.

- Thousands protested at JFK on Jan 28 in response to the ban on Muslim immigrants and refugees.
- Scientists are planning a March on Washington in support of science and the environment.
"Love is the only force capable of turning an enemy into a friend."
                                                                                              ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

If you find yourself in a conversation about a political topic with a person with whom you disagree, say to yourself, "I'm going to come out of this with a new understanding of how someone else thinks." Then listen. That is another way of seeing through someone else's eyes and developing and modeling empathy.
I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as a cause for withdrawing from a friend.
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Myer, Dee Dee: Why Women Should Rule the World
"Stupid title, but good book"

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