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July 2016 Volunteer Newsletter from Centre County PAWS

Hello <<First Name>>!

It's July and that means that Kitten Season is in full swing.  To celebrate, we're waiving adoption fees for the month of July.  All PAWS kittens and cats are microchipped, up-to-date on shots, tested for key illnesses, and spayed/neutered. Kittens also receive their first vet visit to a Centre County vet free.  Cats who are one year and older are PAWS' Five Dollar Felines, meaning you can welcome them into your home for just five dollars!

Also, did you know you can also review PAWS on Facebook and Google? The better our reviews, the more visitors we'll get and the more cats and dogs adopted!  You can find links to our all of social media sites at the bottom of the Newsletter.

Lastly, we're saying goodbye to a few of our staff assistants.  Scott is off to the police academy, Kayla is moving to California for an internship at a farm sanctuary, and Janie is moving to Germany to complete a masters program!  Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to making PAWS a better place for our animals.

I hope you enjoy this month's Volunteer Newsletter!

Mark Your Calendars:         

Centre County PAWS Volunteer Night Out With the Spikes:


When: 7:05 p.m. Thursday, July 14th
Where: Medlar Field

Join us for our first Volunteer Night Out With the State College Spikes!  Field Box tickets are only $10 for PAWS volunteers.  Tickets include meal voucher good for hamburger or hot dog, chips and a drink!  For more information email Catherine (

PAWS Volunteer Picnic:

When: 4 p.m. Saturday, July 30th
Where: Centre County PAWS

We can never say thank you enough for all that you do for Centre County PAWS.  Come on out to PAWS for our annual picnic.  We're going to be grilling up hot dogs, hamburgers, and veggie burgers.  We will also have a Snow-Kone machine!  There will be lawn games and plenty of places to just hang out.    Bring your whole family and friends for food, games, and a bounce house!  Please email Catherine ( if you have questions!  We look forward to seeing you there!


Volunteer of the Month!

Starting in this month, we're implementing a new volunteer award.  We will be looking at Volgistics records and randomly choosing a Volunteer of the Month.

This Month's Volunteer of the Month is Ellen Hermann, a dog adoption counselor and foster.  Congratulations Ellen!

The Volunteer of the Month gets a blog feature on our website and their very own parking space!  The Volunteer of the Month can be anyone who logged hours during the previous month or a Volunteer who has logged more than 4,000 hours.  The volunteer will be contacted via email.  If a youth volunteer wins, their parent or guardian will be able to use the parking space.  Make sure to log your hours!

Goodbye Starlight!

Long time PAWS resident Starlight is finally heading off to her forever home.  To celebrate, we're having a going away party for her on Sunday from 4-5 at PAWS. Friends of Starlight welcome. 

We met our new best friend in June!

31 cats were successfully adopted in June, bringing the year total to 197 placements
27 dogs were successfully adopted in June, bringing the year total to 149 placements

Adoption Follow Ups!

Rocco is doing fabulous! He has adapted very well to his new home with me. We go on a walk every afternoon on my lunch break along with when I get home from work in the evenings. He is very vocal when he wants to go on walks, and of course I give in to it. :) He does great just having the whole house to himself while I am at work as well. He is such a lovable cuddly pup for sure. I am very happy with him and I think he's very happy with me... Thank you for helping find such a great friend. He has helped me find happiness.

Remembering Murphy:

"I wanted to let PAWS know that unfortunately Murphy crossed the rainbow bridge today. He developed another cancer. He was adopted in May 2013."

Murphy's other battle with cancer occured in 2015. His adoptive family, who cared for him lovingly in sickness and in health, had this to say about him right after he was adopted: 

"He loves running in his yard and going for walks at the park. He is happy to be the only dog of the house, though he misses his human friends from PAWS."

We knew he was special and so did his mom. Even The Dodo realized how special Murph was. Here's there video of him:
Daisy and Duke are doing fantastic. They love their new home and we love them. Duke is extremely cuddly and runs to us all the time to pick him up and hold him. Daisy is a little shyer but loves our 9 year old daughter and climbs in her lap every time she sits down. They both like to play (especially at midnight when they run through the house back and forth like crazy lol). They are healthy and happy. Thank you for checking! 
Over the last two months he has finally come around to the idea that this place is his home. His personality has begun to show through. He's a very sweet boy; always greeting me in the mornings and following me around during my morning routine. Mr. Whiskers is very curious. Whenever I'm preparing food, he comes into the kitchen to figure out what I'm doing. He continually tries to figure out where the top of the counters are! Clever boy...

Then during the day he does his own thing, and likes to do his own thing on his own terms. He's not a fan of being picked up and moved from one spot to the other, even if it means pets. Mr. Whiskers is easily persuaded with a little patience, some pets, and his favorite treats. He's very particular about his food and treats, and it took a while to find ones (that were also of good quality) that he liked. He now eagerly chases after the treat ball when filled. We are working on his "high five" trick for treats. Mr. Whiskers makes up for all his physical faults in his unusually keen intelligence. 

He is getting along with his siblings. He and my eldest cat, Izzy, are best buds. The two of them tag-team me in the morning and night to get the most treats. Izzy is comfortable playing with Whiskers. They sleep next to each other on my bed some days. Valyn, my youngest, is doing pretty well with him too. I've working on getting them to play together now that they are used to each other's company.

Mr. Whiskers has lots of stories since coming here. He's earned himself the nickname "Mr. Potato" or the "the furry potato" because of the way he flops over onto his stomach when you rub his scruff just right. He'll lay there stretching and purring and kneading with his paws in the air. It doesn't matter where he is when you do it. He'll flop over even onto his toys, haha...

I really look forward to seeing him become more comfortable with himself and more confident in himself. He's getting there. It is truly remarkable. :)
Love following up on our furry friends?  Lots of our adopters check back in and while we can't post them all here, we post them on our Facebook.  Check out the Happy Endings photo album on Facebook here: ( 

Happy July Birthday!

  • Alicia Altemose
  • Melissa Gensimore
  • Emily Goodall
  • Maura Shea-Bingaman
  • Aruba Tariq
  • Shannon May
  • Christina Hallett
  • Marcia Holsinger
  • Ladonna Weiler
  • Ginger Vierck
  • Amber Morris
  • Ciara Sonoga
  • Emily Mallick
  • Stephanie Flanagan
  • Leslie Urish
  • Greg Elliott
  • Nicole Opalinski
  • Shelby Barnes
  • James Fan
  • Shane Sloan
  • Abigail Acio
  • Cody Seidel
  • Sara Eckert
  • Lily Doershuk
  • Christine Fanning
  • Kimberly Intorre
  • Megan Turner
  • Giovanni Frenda
  • Katie Weiss
  • Jennifer Oyler
  • Bridget Sayer
  • Matthew Cascone
  • Jackie Wolfe
  • Kate Bowen
  • Rachel Ward
  • Joshua Ward
  • Badri Narayanan
  • Alycia Jimenez
  • Gabriella Lombardi
  • Alison Wetherbee
  • Munsu Seo
  • Brandy Buzza
  • Renee Stouffer
  • Jordan Anderson
  • Tina Gregory
  • Elaine Weirich
  • Shelley Watson

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