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May 2016 Volunteer Newsletter from Centre County PAWS

Hello <<First Name>>!

Welcome to kitten season.  Kitten season is when cats start giving birth, leading to an influx of litters of kittens at PAWS.  PAWS has already taken in 13 litters totaling 43 kittens!  With the PAWS Orphaned and Nursing Kitten Program, the number of orphaned kittens we've been taking in increased over the past few years.  We owe a big thanks to our cat intake team and front desk team, who have been working with the public to help Centre County's kitten population.  If you are interested in learning more about what to do when you find an orphaned kitten, check out our website (  If you're interested in becoming a kitten foster please email Deborah Bezilla ( for more information.

I hope you enjoy this month's Volunteer Newsletter!

Centre Gives:            

A note from Christine Faust, the Director of Development and Marketing:

Thank you to everyone who made it possible for PAWS to raise a lot of funds – and donors – during Centre Gives. There were considerable challenges with this year’s Centre Gives campaign, but we persevered, improvised and we have the final numbers:

403 donors raised $42,005.00!  We bested our record set last year when we had 371 donors raise $37,276.11.
In addition to that total, PAWS will receive the following prize funds:
$1,000 Happy Hour prize
$1,000 2nd place finish prize (Schlow Library beat our donor total by only 9 donors to take first place.)
2 - $250.00 random  prizes
Total so far, without match from Centre Foundation: $44,505.00.  Thank you for your support and all that you do for the animals!

Special Edition Follow Ups

We've had some really special adoptions lately and we wanted to share some special updates.


"I want to thank all the great volunteers at PAWS for taking such great care of Jazzy and entrusting her to us. While it was challenging the first couple of weeks, I can truly say each day she amazes us more and more. Her personality is blossoming and she is quite a girl! Still shy and cautious but at times so bold and outgoing I think she surprises herself. Thx again from Jazzy, us, and all the fur kids you take such special care of."  You can follow Jazzy's adventure with her kitty sisters on her Facebook page here:



"Ali is doing great!  He has adjusted well to living in my home, and he does a great job following the rules of the house. His toys are laying everywhere, so he recognizes that it's his domain and is very comfortable.  Ali and I live alone, but I have had family, friends, coworkers, and technicians come to my house on several occasions. Ali is always very sweet, and everyone who meets him loves him. I even bring him to work with me on occasion, and he is very well behaved and friendly. He loovveeesss people.  The only behavior issues I've had are related to his reactions to other dogs, which I knew about beforehand. We are working on it, and I try to positively reinforce him whenever he sees another dog and doesn't bark. I have plans to take him to a doggy behavioral therapist this summer to try and work on his comfort level with other dogs.  Ali has actually been to the vet three times since I adopted him! He is very healthy, but he cut his paw on a walk, and ate something he shouldn't have. Other than that, he is in really great shape! He has lost 2 pounds (the vet said he could lose 5), and he is very active and playful!
I really love him, and my life is so much happier now that he's in it!"

Volunteer Events!

Vote in our poll! 

Had a blast at the Volunteer Carnival last year?  Do you like a particular kind of Event?  Let us know and choose up to 5 selections!  If there is something you want us to organize as a PAWS Event let us know!  Go here to vote:!  There is also a space for you to write in an event.  You can also email Catherine ( with thoughts or suggestions!

Volunteers Needed!

Looking to get more involved with PAWS?  We have a lot of great volunteer opportunities that could use some extra help!

Interested in becoming a shift-leader or adoption counselor?  Please email Lisa ( for more information.

Are you interested in helping at our Low-Cost Clinics?  We can always use a few more hands to help out.  These clinics are almost always on weekdays, so you would need to have availability during the day.  If you're interested please email Deb Bezilla (

Want to help our Publicity Team?  We're looking for some extra hands to work with our Twitter and Instagram.  If interested, please email Catherine ( for more information.   

Translator wanted:  We meet a great deal of people who encounter a language barrier, whether they are interested in adopting or volunteering.  We're looking for individuals who speak another language fluently and would feel comfortable helping as a translator.  Please email Catherine ( or Lisa ( if you're interested!
Do you have a cooler you don't use anymore?  Why not donate it to PAWS?  We could use 2 coolers.  If you are interested, please email Catherine (

We met our new best friend in April!

33 cats were successfully adopted in April, bringing the year total to 145 placements
16 dogs were successfully adopted in April, bringing the year total to 99 placements

Shelly has adjusted really well to our family and routine. We started puppy classes two Saturday's ago with Puppy University hosted at Mt Nittany Vet and it has been super helpful. Our main three challenges with Shelly are her stubbornness on leash, her mouthyness when really hyper, and her desire to eat everything and anything even with all of her adult teeth. On all fronts she is improving since we keep showing her what to chew and have the classes now.  And we are vigilant when she is excited so that she and Rosie (our 1.5 yr old) do not have a bad interaction. What is more typical is that these two are best buddies with Shelly seeming to know to be gentle with her. Rosie likes to bring her bones or toys. All in all - we are having fun.

Thank you PAWS for these two very strange cats. Gypsy (the small, tan one aka Angel at PAWS) is no Angel. She's a menace and I love that about her. Zero (the 3ft long, black cat aka Cuatro at PAWS) chirps and has a cat nip addiction like no cat I've ever met. They play together frequently and like to lay on me almost every morning to wake me.
Luna is GREAT! She is such a smart, sweet, funny, happy puppy! I've attached a couple of photos. She is mostly house trained with the occasional accident and does not mind her crate at all… We just finished up week four of puppy training and that is going very well… All in all we are very, very happy! I cannot thank everyone at PAWs enough for bringing her into our family. … Thank you for all you and the other PAWs volunteers do for these sweet animals.

"I've been meaning to send you an update on Gruffen (now Grifton). Everything has been great and he settled in right away. When we got home, the first thing he wanted to do was explore the apartment to check out his new home. We didn't have any issues considering he had just had surgery, he used his box and ate his food no problem. His visit at the vet a couple weeks ago went well. The results from his biopsy and bloodwork confirmed that the bump on his nose was benign and he is healthy! He is very well behaved, I can leave him alone during the day while I am at school without worry. When I am at home he likes to sit next to me, and he also loves playing with his toys.
Overall he is a great cat, and I appreciate your help with the adoption."

Happy May Birthday!

  • Francesca Pagnotta
  • Melody Sharp
  • Laura Van Velsor
  • Rebecca Silverman
  • Rahul Gupta
  • David Pick
  • Elena Moffet
  • Louise Fabbri
  • Yukie Kushibiki
  • Cody Patchell
  • Tess Crossen
  • Cristina Cortez
  • Claire Bingaman
  • Justine Hauser
  • Jessica Malley
  • Kirsten Dejarlais
  • George Chaplin
  • Joris Pinkse
  • Chrissy Hamilton
  • Sophia Tornatore
  • Yishan Xu
  • Jim Hermann
  • Kayla Swope
  • Chris Walters
  • Beth Nyman
  • Ana Gonzalez
  • Michael Warner
  • Trina And Steve Bauer
  • John Dziak
  • Allie Sheetz
  • Ryan Macaluso
  • Ashley Hively
  • Breanna Sheaffer
  • Laurie Walters
  • Sean Fitzpatrick
  • Samantha Stewart
  • Kevin Himmelberger
  • Katherine Adams
  • Harley Baker
  • Kimberly Graham
  • Betty Stanford
  • Julia Mitchell
  • Cassie Marker
  • Nicole Morvant
  • Alyssa Sterling

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